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Equivalence and Portfolio Examples

Introduction to Portfolio Examples

The following portfolios are intended only to give general guidance as to how a career in GI Physiology might develop. Preparing a personal portfolio for submission for Equivalence as a Clinical Scientist is an iterative process: using a basic history of personal development to map evidence to support history against Good Scientific Practice and repeating the process until a satisfactory portfolio is achieved,

Robust evidence (E) may well be found during the initial training periods but should also demonstrate personal development throughout the career pathway. (E) has been inserted at points in the portfolios where robust evidence such as qualifications, assessments, clinical responsibilities, audit etc should be submitted. It may not always be possible to locate robust historic evidence but where possible corroborating evidence should be included.

The portfolio and mapping are only part of the application process and full details can be found here.

Registration and Equivalence


The STP Equivalence process for healthcare scientists has been developed and is currently being piloted by the Academy for Healthcare Science. They will shortly open the process to potential candidates. To make sure it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, they would like to know what the take up might be and if you would be interested in making an application.

Visit the Academy website to answer three quick questions and register your interest. If you leave your email address they will be able to keep you updated with information and briefings.

The STP Equivalence route is the first to be developed by the Academy and once it is in place, work will begin on PTP and HSST routes.

You can find more information about the equivalence process here, and find guidance on the equivalence process here.