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Join us in celebrating Digestive Health Month!

Updated on: 10 May 2021   First published on 07 May 2021

With World Digestive Health Day on 29th May 2021, we’re helping celebrate Digestive Health Month throughout the month of May with a public awareness campaign focused on the prevalence and impact of digestive health conditions.

This event is held in support of an annual tradition initiated by the World Gastroenterology Organisation. The aim of the campaign is to help spread awareness of digestive health. Each year focuses on a particular digestive disease or digestive health-related aspect. This year’s theme for World Digestive Health Day is ‘’Obesity: An Ongoing Pandemic’’. To mark this occasion and maximise the impact of the Digestive Health Month campaign in 2021, we’re helping to raise awareness around obesity and digestive health.

You can find out more about the event, as well as fascinating facts and information on the World Gastroenterology Organisation website, and the United European Gastroenterology website.

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