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In Memorium: Tina Bradley

Updated on: 28 Aug 2020   First published on 28 Aug 2020

The BSG was saddened to hear of the death of Tina Bradley on Tuesday 25th August after a long battle with cancer. Tina was Manager of the Infection Research Laboratory at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Although her name may not be familiar to many, she is responsible for providing much of the evidence that supports routine endoscopic decontamination practices across the UK today. Her knowledge of the infection prevention aspects of decontamination was second to none. The phrase ‘endorsed by Tina Bradley’ was quoted regularly by industry colleagues as a marker of quality. For over a quarter of a century, she contributed in one form or another to much of the UK Guidance documents published in this field, including the BSG’s own decontamination guidance.

She shared her expertise and knowledge worldwide, lecturing extensively and contributing to many international guidance documents, most notably the World Health Organisations manual on safe practice in decontamination. Her passion and energy inspired many and her readiness to share her knowledge and expertise helped to drive up standards.

She was blessed with a great sense of humour and an extensive international circle of individuals proud to have been able to call her both a colleague and a friend.


“When the real value of service becomes clear in the judgement of God

People who worked in quiet anonymity will be the real heroes”

Henry B Eyving



Dr Helen Griffiths, Decontamination Advisor BSG

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