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In Memoriam: Professor Michael Newton Marsh

Updated on: 11 Aug 2021   First published on 10 Aug 2021

Please see a message below from Dr Anzu Ensari (MD, PhD, Professor in Pathology, Ankara University Medical School), regarding the death of Dr Marsh. His passing is noted with regret by all the BSG.

With much sadness, I bring to your attention that Professor Michael Newton Marsh passed away on the 13th of July, 2021 from metastatic prostate cancer. He suffered from disseminated disease and chemotherapy side effects with exhaustion and nausea.

Prof. Marsh was a physician who had great respect and interest for pathology. His research on Coeliac disease based on histopathology and morphometry and his highly intelligent professional achievements on intestinal immunopathology certainly gained the respect of scientists and practising pathologists on a global scale. He is also well known for his masterpiece published in 1992 in Gastroenterology; ‘Gluten, major histocompatibility complex, and the small intestine; A molecular and immunobiologic approach to the spectrum of gluten sensitivity (‘coeliac sprue’)’. This unique single author manuscript has gained over 2000 citations and is considered the most solid foundation and landmark of coeliac disease histology forming the basis of Marsh Classification.

Over the last few months, Marsh has been working on his own Obituary in collaboration with myself and Professor Kamran Rostami. It is an amazing life story. Even after his passing, he has ensured that his legacy lives on with the same tenacity, precision, extraordinary articulation, and passion he displayed while he was alive.

He will be remembered for his unique and historical role in coeliac disease mucosal pathology characterisation and interpretation.

I had the privilege of being his PhD student and the honour of being a long-term colleague and a close friend. I am deeply sorry for his loss.

He will be sadly missed.

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