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HSIB calls for referrals for care of eating disorders

Updated on: 23 Oct 2020   First published on 23 Oct 2020

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) is asking for your help with regard to the care of those with eating disorders who are managed across primary care and secondary acute and psychiatric care.

HSIB carry out investigations designed to improve patient safety and without apportioning blame or liability. They do approximately 25 national investigations per year as well as approximately 1000 investigations per year in the area of maternity.

They are keen to see if they can investigate the care of a patient with an eating disorder who has had treatment across primary care, acute secondary ad psychiatry care. They are aware that crossing the boundaries of care is where care can break down. They identify a lot of cases from reporting dashboards but are aware that some of the incidents where care has not gone as planned may not be reported, and is, therefore, difficult for us to find.

They are asking for referrals of cases where people think that the care provided could have been better. Examples could be poor coordination of care, poor monitoring of care across sectors, delayed transfer of care from one sector to another, poor access to specialist care such as psychiatric hospitals that can take people requiring enteral tube feeding. Referrals can come from anyone – patient, family or healthcare professional – and should be made to HSIB via iu@hsib.org.uk

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