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Getting It Right First Time – Gastroenterology Report

Updated on: 09 Sep 2021   First published on 09 Sep 2021

Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) is a national programme designed to improve the treatment and care of patients through in-depth review of services, benchmarking, and presenting a data-driven evidence base to support change.

The programme undertakes clinically-led reviews of specialties, combining wide-ranging data analysis with the input and professional knowledge of senior clinicians to examine how things are currently being done and how they could be improved.

Working to the principle that a patient should expect to receive equally timely and effective investigations, treatment and outcomes wherever care is delivered, irrespective of who delivers that care, GIRFT aims to identify approaches from across the NHS that improve outcomes and patient experience, without the need for radical change or additional investment.

One of the national reports is on Gastroenterology written by Dr Beverly Oates, BSG Treasurer and GIRFT Clinical Lead for Gastroenterology.

Download the Gastroenterology report here.

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