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ESGE dual membership programme for BSG members

Updated on: 29 Jan 2020   First published on 29 Jan 2020

BSG is formally collaborating with the European Society of Gastrointestinal  Endoscopy to offer a reduced rate dual membership for BSG consultant members from January 2020.

BSG members who opt to join ESGE via dual membership programme pay a reduced fee of €150, as opposed to €195 (standard Individual Membership fee).

ESGE members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration fee for ESGE Days 2020
  • Reduced registration fee to ESGE‐endorsed events (approximately 25 per year around the globe)
  • Subscription to the journal Endoscopy (online and print version)
  • Access to the Members Only Area of ESGE website where ESGE eLearning teaching videos can be viewed free of charge
  • Access to the online platform “myESGEtutor”
  • Eligibility for ESGE Fellowship grants: Application available to fully trained endoscopists under 40 years of age. This programme includes not only basic endoscopy training but also hands‐on training at ESGE-designated endoscopy units
  • Eligibility for ESGE Research Grants
  • ESGE Research activities: Members are encouraged to take part in ESGE research projects
  • ESGE Guidelines: Members are regularly updated on ongoing ESGE guidelines and those interested are encouraged to be actively involved in the guideline development process

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