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Election December 2020

Updated on: 09 Dec 2020   First published on 20 Nov 2020

It’s time to vote!

Voting for the elections of the CRG for Endoscopy and the Section Committee for Small Bowel and Nutrition are now live.

All active members will have been sent their Unique Voter Code (UVC) via email. Please check your email for this code and the link to the elections website.

The society operates a single transferable voting system, which means that you will be asked to rank the candidates in each election (with 1 being your top choice). Please refer to each candidates statement to understand why they feel they are suitable for the role, these are available on the voting website.

The positions available within the two elections are outlined below:

  • CRG – Endoscopy – 3 vacancies
  • Section Committee – Small Bowel and Nutrition – 4 vacancies

Please only vote in the Small Bowel and Nutrition election if you are a member of this committee.

The elections will close at 17:00 on 8 January 2021.

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