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Connecting for the Future: Virtual Working and Maintaining Support for our Specialty Colleagues

Updated on: 23 May 2020   First published on 20 Mar 2020

Author:  Dr Cathryn Edwards 

Dear Colleagues,

The last week has been a period of rapid change for the country and for all of us working in specialty medicine. Each hospital is making ready for the peaking of COVID-19 virus.

The uncertainties of what we will be asked to do over the coming weeks are adding to planning difficulties for specialty service, but a common trend for urgent elective work is virtual working.  This in itself brings its own challenges, but is a necessary protection for our patients and is an efficient use of specialty workforce time. It can, however, feel quite isolating for both clinical staff and patients.

Nevertheless, the BSG’s strength during this crisis is our ability to support our members as a virtual community. I would encourage you to check the new website for updated clinical resources and evolving guidance as the Society engages with the devolved governments, working alongside the RCP and other specialty societies to influence policy and best practice re Covid-19 management strategies.

A couple of headlines for you as this week comes to a close:

  1. Look out for updated guidance for patients on immunosuppressive therapies which will require urgent action from your IBD and Hepatology leads over the coming day
  2. Please spare 5 minutes to log into the members site to confirm your details and to ensure we can help connect you more readily to colleagues around the country by providing efficient and secure professional online support (please note membership renewals are now on a rolling basis, 12 months from the time of joining)
  3. Most importantly, if you have specific requests for support and advice from the Society for your Unit during the current crisis, don’t hesitate to contact membership@bsg.org.uk and we will endeavour to signpost you quickly to the most current national advice or connect you with colleagues with relevant experience


Executive Officers are working hard to ensure we can offer good guidance in a rapidly changing environment and my particular thanks this week go to the IBD and Hepatology communities working to give consistent and consensus advice to clinicians and patients.

I am happy to be contacted directly president@bsg.org.uk to address your concerns or questions. Please consider your own wellbeing and those of colleagues, as we all focus on suppressing and delaying the impact of COVID-19 on our patients and the NHS.

Further updates will follow shortly from the BSG, by email, web posting and Twitter alerts. They take only a few minutes to read.

With sincere good wishes to all,




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