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Call for Nominations: Trainees Committee Region Election 2020

Nominations are open for new regional representatives on the Trainees’ Committee. Regional representatives get involved in all areas of the Trainees Section including helping to plan and run our highly successful events.

We are looking for new committee members to represent ten of our regions:

  • East of England
  • East Scotland
  • Kent, Surrey and Sussex
  • Oxford
  • Northern
  • North East London
  • Northern Ireland
  • South Thames
  • West Midlands
  • West Scotland

Terms and Conditions

  • Trainees are able to nominate themselves.
  • Both candidates and proposers must be ST3 and above and must work in the region they are standing for.
  • Candidates must be a paid-up member of the BSG and a member of the Trainees Section.
  • If you are nominating someone you must, of course, get their permission, or the nomination will be rejected.
  • Ask the person who is nominated to send a photo and a personal statement that tells other members why they should vote for them to elections@bsg.org.uk.
  • Please fill in the form included below for nominations.
  • Nominations close at 9 am Monday 17th February 2020
  • Each member of the committee is elected for 3 years.

Role of a Trainees Committee Member

What a committee member is involved in: The committee meets 4 times and a year and has occasional teleconferences. However, there are many other facets that a trainee will be expected to be involved in:

Representation at a local level and correspondence with the committee: BSG TS committee member’s first priority is to represent trainees in their local region and any concerns they have about any relevant training issues be fed back to the committee. Furthermore, a committee member will be asked for opinions on various training related issues and be expected to engage in email debates related to this. The committee member will also be expected to email adverts for BSG courses, or BSG approved courses to trainees in their region. They will also be expected to encourage the use of the BSG Trainees (@BSGTrainees) Twitter account.

Representation on BSG and external committees: Committee members represent Trainees (on behalf of the TS) on a number of committees – both within and external to the BSG: BSG Council, BSG Education Committee, BSG Training Committee, SAC Gastroenterology, BSG Research Committee, BMA JDC, BSG Clinical Services & Standards Committee, Joint Specialty Committee for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, JAG (training working group) and BSG SWiG.

Committee members allocated to these committees are expected to attend these committees (in addition to the BSG Trainees Section meetings) and represent trainee views and opinions on these committees, and then feedback minutes back to the TS. Furthermore, if the committee member needs canvass opinion prior to a meeting, it is that member’s responsibility to do so.

Organizing events and courses: The committee organises a number of annual events and courses. These events are highly successful and require all committee members to contribute in some way to their organisation.