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BSG Summer Elections Results 2022

Updated on: 17 Jun 2022   First published on 17 Jun 2022

The BSG is delighted to announce the results of the election for the BSG Council, BSG Sections and Food and Function CRG for 2022. These elections were administrated independently by Civica Election Services.

Elected Council

There are eight BSG Councillors at any one time elected by BSG members. Elected Councillors represent the BSG membership on all the main Committees including Council, and allow members to raise points and pose questions. If, as a member, you have a point that you wish to make to Council or any of the Committees, you can contact them at elected.council@bsg.org.uk.

The following 4 members were elected to Council.

  • Umesh Basavaraju
  • Anjan Dhar
  • Manu Nayar
  • Daniel Gaya

BSG Section Committees

Our Section Committees focus on the academic, cultural and professional advancement of their special interest. Participating in a committee provides you with an opportunity to contribute your expertise and shape the future of UK gastroenterology and hepatology. The following members were elected to a section committee post.

Adolescent and Young Persons Section Nurse Representative 

  • Paula Brayford

Adolescent and Young Persons Section Committee Member 

  • Philip Hendy

Adolescent and Young Persons Section Trainee Representative

  • Tessa Cacciottolo

 BSGNA Section Committee Members

  • Shellie Radford
  • Paula Brayford
  • Catherine Bilbrough
  • Nur-in Mohammad
  • Lee Martin Findler

Colorectal Section Nurse Representative

  • Caroline Tapec McLachlan

Colorectal Section Committee Member 

  • Anu Obaro
  • Ibrahim Al Bakir
  • Ed Seward
  • Ajay Verma

Endoscopy Section Committee Member

  • Bu’Hussain Hayee
  • Keith Siau
  • Mo Thoufeeq
  • Nisha Patel

Gastroduodenal Section Trainee Representative 

  • Hannah Walton

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Section Nurse Representative

  • Shellie Radford

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Section Trainee Representative

  • Aditi Kumar

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Section Committee Member

  • Gareth Parkes
  • Alexandra Kent
  • Shahida Din

Liver Section Trainee Representative 

  • Jessica Shearer

Liver Section Committee Member

  • Louise China
  • Joanna Leithead
  • Quentin Anstee
  • Ankur Srivastava
  • Nwe Ni Than

Neurogastroenterology and Motility Section Committee Member

  • Lesley Anne Houghton
  • Reshma Rakshit
  • Shaila Kumar

Oesophageal Section Nurse Representative 

  • Paula Brayford

Oesophageal Section Committee Member 

  • Jana Waloszkova

Pancreas Section Committee Members

  • Robert Sutton
  • Vikramjit Mitra
  • Umesh Basavaraju
  • Chander Shekhar

Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee Member

  • Shameer Mehta

Supporting Women in Gastroenterology (SWIG) Section Committee Member

  • Francesca Moroni
  • Wafaa Ahmed
  • Sara Brogden
  • Mel Constante – MacCallum
  • Emma Nowell

Trainee Section Regional Representatives

  • Yorkshire & Humber Rep – Jessica Shearer
  • Wessex Rep – Ricia Gwenter
  • Wales Rep – Heather Javaid
  • East Midlands Rep – Mohsen Eldragini


Clinical Research Groups (CRGs) have been formed covering Endoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Food & Function, and Liver. Their aim is to increase the quality and quantity of clinical GI and liver research in the UK.

Food & Function CRG  Committee Members

  • Jonathan Tyrrell-Price
  • Lesley Anne Houghton
  • Aruchuna Ruban
  • Fumi Varyani

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