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BSG Section Committee Election Results

Updated on: 28 Sep 2020   First published on 17 Sep 2020

The BSG is delighted to confirm the results of 2020 elections for Section Committees. We thank everyone who nominated themselves to stand for a position, and to everyone who took the time to vote. We welcome each successful candidate into their role within BSG.

Election Results

Adolescents & Young Persons

Vikki Garrick
Sara Sider

Association of GI Physiologists

Elisabeth Kirton
Oliver Smith


Dr Marius Paraoan
Prof Trevor Graham


Dr Laura Neilson
Dr John Leeds


Dr Sree Subramanian
Dr Ally Speight


Prof John Dillon
Dr Mhairi Donnelly
Dr Deepak Joshi

Neurogastroenterology & Motility

Dr Emily Tucker
Dr Asma Fikree


Dr Inder Mainie
Dr Philip Woodland


Dr Noor Bekkali


Dr Maurice Loughrey

Supporting Women in Gastroenterology

Elaine Henry

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