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BSG President’s Medal 2020 Recipient: Dr Mesbah Rahman

Updated on: 06 Jan 2021   First published on 06 Jul 2020

Usually, the BSG would award the President’s Medal at the plenary of the Annual Meeting, due to take place in June 2020. However, due to the unique circumstances of 2020, BSG has awarded the President’s Medal for 2020 remotely, and will invite Dr Mesbah Rahman to receive the award personally at the next BSG Annual Meeting.

Dr Rahman works as a Consultant Gastroenterologist in Morriston Hospital, Swansea Bay University Health Board. He has made a huge contribution to the BSG through the development and implementation of sustainable programmes of training education mentorship and scientific collaboration between the BSG and its international colleagues in Bangladesh.

Some of his notable achievements include the creation of the ‘Gastroenterology Training Academy’ which makes regular trips to Bangladesh, donating endoscopy training models and equipment to build a National Endoscopy Training Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He also led on the establishment of the medical student exchange programme between Swansea University and Dhaka Medical College, the development and opening of the first dedicated specialty hospital in Dhaka, the Sheik Russell Gastro Liver Hospital, and the regular endoscopy training courses set up with the Bangladesh Gastroenterology Society in collaboration with the BSG. He also holds an honorary post as a Professor in Gastroenterology at Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh.

The recent visit by BSG team was led by then-President Dr Cathryn Edwards and the team had a successful meeting with the Prime Minister of the country, who made her commitment to improving gastroenterology service & treatment in the country.

The reciprocal benefit of these and other schemes have had a great impact on the development of gastroenterologists and hepatologists both in Bangladesh and the UK, and the BSG is grateful for the time and commitment Dr Rahman has given to these projects.

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