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BSG Member David Nylander receives MBE

Updated on: 17 Jun 2021   First published on 17 Jun 2021

The BSG is delighted to congratulate BSG member Dr David Nylander, who has been awarded an MBE for services to health in Sierra Leone and the UK, as part of the Queen’s overseas and international birthday honours list.

Dr David Nylander is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, and has been sharing his expertise in gastroenterology overseas, travelling to the West African Coast to deliver training in endoscopy in partnership with The Choithram Memorial Hospital (CMH).

Originally from Sierra Leone, he recognised a problem with the current gastroenterology service being delivered to patients so set out to train and provide doctors with the necessary skills to perform gastroscopy safely and to diagnose upper GI disorders.

With the support of BSG, David launched a successful training program for postgraduate doctors to develop a sustainable and reliable endoscopy service with lasting impact and results.


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