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BSG 2021 Annual Meeting – an update

Updated on: 08 Jan 2021   First published on 08 Jan 2021

Author:  Dr Alastair McKinlay 

It is important that I update you on the status of our Annual Conference planned for May 2021 in Glasgow. On Tuesday the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre informed us that, the Scottish Government had extended their use of the facilities to act as a Nightingale hospital and vaccination centre, up to July 2021. Our conference cannot therefore go ahead.

This is obviously disappointing, but not a complete surprise in view of the rapidly deteriorating situation with COVID in the UK. We are urgently reviewing our options, and I will update you with new details about the conference when the situation is clearer.

In the meantime, BSG Campus will go ahead as planned, and is now more important than ever. We still hope that many people will be able to join us “live” for the event, but we understand the huge pressures that our members are under at present, and the presentations will, therefore, be available to be viewed online when convenient, and when hopefully, people are not too tired. To get all the benefits of Campus you do, however, have to register.

Whatever happens with COVID, and our experience suggests there is nothing predictable about this virus, it is important that we stay sharp as professionals and that we look after our colleagues and trainees. Please support the Campus and our sponsors, who have made this possible. We will have a conference this year but whether it is virtual or face to face will be decided in the next few weeks.

Whatever we decide, the priorities for the BSG will be the same:

It will be safe.
It will be high quality.
It will be tailored to the needs of our members whether consultant, trainee, nurse, physiologist or scientist.

Ensuring our CPD continues, improving the care of our patients and supporting each other during this difficult time, remain more important than ever.

The BSG will never surrender its underlying principles to a virus.

I am constantly humbled by the way BSG members have responded to COVID and their loyalty to the Society. In turn, we commit to support you whatever happens.

Please stay safe, stay sharp and stay kind. We will come out of this together, and stronger than before.

With best wishes,

Dr Alastair McKinlay
BSG President

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