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Be a part of UEG – call for elections

Updated on: 19 May 2022   First published on 19 May 2022

The UEG now have the following positions open for election:


The Treasurer is a member of UEG Council and one of the four members of the UEG Executive Committee. The overall leadership of UEG rests with the Council for strategic decisions, and the Executive Committee establishes recommendations for high-level operational issues regarding the management of UEG.

To underline the fact that the open position is of major relevance for the success and the development of United European Gastroenterology, UEG Council has developed a specific job description including essential criteria for candidates in terms of skills and experience. A detailed account of how each of the listed requirements will be fulfilled by the candidate must be given in the mission statement. Candidates are requested to seek support from a UEG Member Society (The British Society of Gastroenterology) and thus submit a letter of support with their online application.

4 Members of the UEG National Societies Committee (NSC)

The NSC maximises communication and strengthens relationships between UEG’s National Member Societies and UEG. The NSC is committed to the advancement of GI related matters in all countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area and ensures that the voice of national societies is represented across all UEG structures and initiatives.

The NSC is aiming towards a balanced committee membership with representation from at least six different national societies and with at least two members representing Eastern Europe. At this time, we encourage candidates with an interest and/or experience in one of the following areas to apply for a position: developing education, research, scientific congress programme, quality of care. Term of office for all four positions is 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2026.UEG invites all National Member Societies to support one candidate for the position of Member of the NSC. Countries with two national societies can nominate one joint candidate.

How to apply

The applications are freely available for all myUEG Associates. Find out more details and apply here.

Deadline for applications is 2nd September 2022.

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