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Advisory Committee on National Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) (previously ACCEA) 2022

Updated on: 06 Apr 2022   First published on 06 Apr 2022

We are delighted to say that the BSG has received accreditation as an NNO (National Nominated Organisation) for the 2022 awards and we are allowed 17 Ranking places.

We have submitted up-to-date information to ACCIA about our membership with reference to gender and ethnic diversity. The selection process will be transparent and in-line with the best current EDI practices.

Note: LTFT consultants will be eligible for full awards (not paid pro rata, as is currently the case), and the NIA are introducing a new scoring domain to widen the net and make it easier for consultants to apply.

Applicants will be able to receive a ranking and citation from only one NNO. They should select either one or two from the accredited list focusing on the one organisation(s) whom they feel will be best placed to corroborate the evidence provided on their application form.

Applicants seeking support should give a name of a member/person who is willing to write their citation when sending their application through, the deadline for citations is Thursday 26th May.

Applicants may be fortunate enough to be selected by both the BSG and their other NNO, in which case you will need to make a choice which NNO you decide is best for you.

In the case of ‘rejection’ by an applicant, the NNO may choose to draw on a ‘reserve’ list to obviate losing a nomination number. No subsequent approaches to NNOs will be permitted.

The NIAs will open on Wednesday 27th April and the deadline for BSG applications for support is 09:00 on Wednesday 18th May. For more information about the process and applying, please go to the applicant guide here.

Please send your application form to j.bassett@bsg.org.uk, only applications received by 09:00 on Wednesday 18th May will be considered.

Please note: The BSG will need to submit all ranked applicants’ citations by Thursday 9th June.

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