Guts UK Research Awards Committee

Guts UK is looking for new members to diversify its Research Awards Committee (RAC)

The SWiG Team at BSG 2018

Members of SWiG promoting #Changingthefaceofgastenterology at BSG2018 in Liverpool

BSG 2018 - Report

BSG Awards - Liverpool 2018

UEG Rising Stars 2019 – applications for nomination by the BSG

Every year, the UEG National Societies Committee and the UEG Scientific Committee jointly select 6-8 clinical scientists as 'UEG Rising Stars'.

£7.3m award aims to create new breakthrough therapies

A recently formed health consortium has been awarded £7 million by Innovate UK to ensure more patients benefit from a new generation of breakthrough therapies.

International Committee at BSG 2018

The International Committee met at BSG 2018 in Liverpool

Guts UK Charity Research Grants and Awards 2018

Guts UK (formerly Core) are pleased to announce the following funding opportunities.

Changing the face of British Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Joanna Hurley

Changing the face of British Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Joy Worthington

BSG Clinical Research Strategy 2018

The BSG’s new research strategy sets out vision to make BSG a world leading and innovative organisation for gastroenterology.

New Editor-in-Chief for Frontline Gastroenterology journal

Professor Mark Beattie has been appointed the new Editor-in-Chief of Frontline Gastroenterology.

BSG Video News: May 2018

A video update of all the latest news in Gastroenterology

Alcohol identification and intervention in English emergency departments

Alcohol screening together with referral or intervention is becoming part of routine practice in England.

Clinical Leadership Appointments Specialised Commissioning (National)

A new team is being formed to support Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) develop and publish national clinical policies.

The Award winning IBD Specialist Nurses Team from Darlington

Tillotts IBD Nursing Award in 2017

Alcohol Health Alliance UK response to Steve Brine MP’s statement on minimum unit pricing

Responding to the announcement yesterday by Steve Brine MP on the government’s new alcohol strategy and minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

New collaboration for Nottingham is UK's first for a Biomedical Research Centre

The NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre has become the first in the UK to sign an agreement that could lead to the faster development of new treatments for some of the most common diseases, including arthritis and asthma.

New classification approach for inflammatory bowel disease

NF-kB signalling is an important cellular pathway implicated in inflammation and cancer.

IBD Registry are recruiting!

The IBD Registry is starting on its next phase of growth, and we have 3 positions to fill to help us grow.

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