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BSG Webinars

The BSG is putting together a programme of virtual events to support our members during these challenging times. Here you can access video replays of our previous virtual events, alongside supporting documents and resources.

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BSG Webinar: BSG Service Success Stories

30th March 2021

  • Understand how to become a world endoscopy organisation centre
  • Discover how to design a nurse-led gastroenterology service in your Emergency Department
  • Learn about how digital technology is transforming service for Gastroenterology

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BSG Webinar: Liver Section Monothematic: NAFLD 2021 – Treating the Rising Tide Together

12th March 2021

  • Understand how to organise a referral for NAFLD
  • Discover how to treat NAFLD through lifestyle management, practical dietary advice, and weight loss therapies
  • Learn about emerging pharmacotherapies for NAFLD
  • Discover the metabolic risk factors of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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BSG Trainees Webinar: Wellbeing for Doctors & How to get Gastro Speciality Training Back on Track

26th February 2021

  • How to look after your mental and physical health while looking after others
  • How to recognise the red flags associated with occupational burnout
  • How you can get speciality training back on track
  • The future of endoscopy in training hubs

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BSG webinar: GUT Journal Webinar

24th November 2020

  • “Groundbreaking Gut papers over the past 60yrs”  – Prof Robin Spiller, previous Editor, Gut
  • “How to get published in Gut –  tips for success” – Prof Emad el-Omar, current Editor, Gut
  • “Future ways of sharing ideas and data” – Prof Julia Mayerle, Professor of Gastroenterology, Munich, & UEG research committee member

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BSG webinar: Innovation & adaptation of liver services during COVID-19

29th October 2020

  • HCC Surveillance during COVID-19; Challenges and Solutions – Prof Helen Reeves
  • Variceal Bleeding – adapting to a world with COVID-19  –  Dr Jo Leithead
  • How to optimise Hepatology training during current pressures  – Dr Shanika Nayagam

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BSG webinar: Looking after our out-patients – challenges and opportunities

29th September 2020

  • The view from Secondary care
  • The view from Primary care
  • Training our juniors in the new OP landscape

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BSG webinar: Endoscopy – where we are now and where we might be going

24th August 2020

  • Artificial Intelligence in Barrett’s Oesophagus
  • Endoscopy training during COVID-19 and shape of training
  • Sustainability in endoscopy – green for go?

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BSG webinar: Reconfiguring our IBD services

21st July 2020

  • Interactive sessions on perspectives on IBD Management in the COVID and peri-COVID era
  • Panel discussions on service success stories and training

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BSG webinar: COVID-19 and the Gut & the risk rationale of shielding / Annual General Meeting

15th June 2020

  • Interactive sessions on shielding advice for IBD and hepatology patients, and emerging science around COVID-19 and the Gut
  • The AGM featuring the official Presidential Handover, as well as the presentation of the Annual Report and Accounts

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BSG Webinar: How to get UK gastroenterology and liver services back on track

14th May 2020

  • Interactive sessions on service recovery across endoscopy, liver and IBD/luminal
  • Summary results of the BSG COVID-19 member survey & a discussion on the impact on training

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