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Small Bowel & Nutrition

Welcome to the small bowel & nutrition hub. On this page, you will find access to the latest small bowel & nutrition clinical guidelines and guidance. You will also find the latest relevant news, articles and events.

You can find information on the Small Bowel & Nutrition Section Committee on their page.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes

The advanced nutrition training programme module is designed to provide experience in an Integrated Severe Intestinal Failure and Intestinal Transplant Centre. The advanced curriculum aims to provide trainees with an interest in nutrition the skills to take the lead role in nutritional support, but also care for patients in a level 3 or 4 IF/HPN unit. The posts are primarily aimed at trainees in their ST6 year.

The advanced nutrition syllabus can be found on pages 112 – 126 of the 2010 Gastroenterology curriculum, which can be found on the JRCPTB website here.

There are 4 linked posts rotating through the following centres. It is encouraged that trainees rotate through both posts, but the centres are open to discussion if a trainee wishes to stay in one centre for 12 months.

6 months (Sept – Feb) 6 months (March – Sept) Contacts
Post 1 Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge


(Small bowel transplantation)

St Mark’s, London


(Intestinal Failure)

Dr Lisa Sharkey (Addenbrooke’s)

E: lisa.sharkey@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

T: 01223 216 226


Dr Suzanne Donnelly (St Mark’s)

E: suzannedonnelly@nhs.net

T: 0208 235 4089


Post 2 St Mark’s London



(Intestinal Failure)

Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge


(Small bowel transplantation)

Post 3 John Radcliffe, Oxford


(Intestinal Failure & small bowel transplantation)

Salford Royal



(Intestinal Failure)

Dr Phil Allan (John Radcliffe)

E: phillip.allan@ouh.nhs.uk

T: 01865 228753


Dr Simon Lal (Salford Royal)

E: simon.lal@srft.nhs.uk

T: 0161 206 5148

Post 4 Salford Royal



(Intestinal Failure)

John Radcliffe, Oxford


(Intestinal Failure & small bowel transplantation)


All 4 posts are nationally competitive and commence on the 1st Monday in September to co-ordinate with national rotations. Recruitment is co-ordinated locally by the paired centres.

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