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Mark Hacker

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The overall purpose of this role is to chair Organising & Programme Committees of the BSG and lead the delivery of the BSG Annual Conference and to liaise with the BSG Executive, BSG Council and BSG Committees on all matters relating to membership & functioning of the Society.

The role reports to the BSG President, BSG Treasurer and BSG Trustees.

  • The BSG has two honorary secretaries at any one time with each post overlapping the other by two years (the honorary secretary in his or her last two years is known as the Senior Secretary).
  • One of the principal roles of the Secretary is to act as a facilitator between the many functions of the Society and ensure continuity. This ‘networking’ role between different initiatives, committees and individuals is important to the overall function of the Society.
  • The honorary secretaries work closely with the President, the Treasurer, the Chief Executive and the BSG office to deal with the day-to-day work of the Society. The two Honorary Secretaries need to keep in close touch to ensure consistency in the policies of the Society.
  • The Senior Secretary role is integral to the delivery of the BSG Annual Conference and is the chair of the Organising & Programme Committees.
  • The Secretary is a member of the BSG’s key committees; Executive, Council, Strategy/Four Nations, Education and Research. The Senior Secretary is also a member of CSSC and Research (now under Secretary’s remit, above) Committee and is a Trustee of the BSG.

Key objectives

  • To interact with all activities of the Society to ensure smooth functioning and improve membership.
  • To be operationally responsible for delivery of the BSG’s Annual Conference and the conference programme.
  • To undertake specific projects to improve the activities of the Society.

Main duties

  • To chair meetings of the Programme Committee (three per year).
  • To attend & report to quarterly BSG Executive and Council meetings.
  • To attend Strategy/Four Nations meetings twice yearly in December and at the annual Away Day.
  • To liaise with the BSG executive on all matters of Society activity that pertains to membership.

Eligibility to apply and process of application

  • Any BSG member of good standing from any specialty is eligible to become Secretary.
  • To be considered for thsi role, submit your 2-page CV and cover letter to the CEO, Mark Hacker, at by Wednesday 8th May 2019.
  • Interviews will take place on Tuesday 28th May 2019.

For a copy of the full job description including responsibilities and requirements, see below or download a copy here.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Senior Secretary and Secretary will work together on the delivery of the Annual Conference
    • To manage the BSG’s professional conference organisers or events function in conjunction with the CEO
    • The Senior Secretary has overall responsibility for the programme, conference deadlines, registration fees, speaker and chair communication, interactive programme, conference website & app, marketing, sponsorship, room allocation, ancillary meetings, catering, the exhibition, abstract adjudication and post conference evaluation.
    • The Secretary has specific responsibilities around abstract management and poster rounds.
  • The Secretaries will work with sister Societies in the UK (SSG, WAGE and USG) to put on regular joint meetings.
  • The Secretaries will review and update membership entitlements and benefits in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  • The Secretary will review applications for CPD within gastroenterology for the Royal College of Physicians.

General admin/elements

  • To report back at regular intervals as requested by BSG Trustees, Council, Executive or Strategy.
  • To provide regular communications for Society newsletters and website.
  • To communicate professionally, effectively and accurately on behalf of the BSG, both verbally and in written form with a wide variety of persons.
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed.


Tenure and Time Commitment

  • This is a four year appointment, with two years as Secretary and two years Senior Secretary.
  • The time required for the post is estimated between half and one and a half days per week over the four year term.
  • There will be significant email and telephone communications.
  • To chair meetings of the Programme Committee (three per year) and attend the Education committee
  • To attend quarterly BSG Executive and Council meetings.
  • To attend Strategy/Four Nations meetings twice yearly in December and at the annual Away Day.
  • As Senior Secretary to act as a Trustee of the BSG and attend twice-yearly meetings and attend Research and CSS Committee meetings.
  • In addition, there may be ad-hoc meetings, especially relating to the Annual Conference (such as site visits).
  • Industry Liaison meeting Sept/Oct (TBC).


  • These are un-remunerated posts within the BSG and local arrangements (study or professional leave) should be negotiated at a local level
  • The Senior Secretary and Secretary will have all costs relating to the Annual Conference Reimbursed (eg accommodation, travel and registration).
  • This description describes the main elements of the job. It is a guide to the standards and main duties as they exist currently, but it is not intended as a wholly comprehensive or permanent schedule and is subject to review on an on-going basis.

Person Specification

Person Specification Essential Desirable



Appropriately Qualified Significant professional experience & a demonstrable commitment to gastroenterology / hepatology Committed membership of BSG & in good standing Evidence of active participation or association with BSG Recent experience in clinical service delivery Higher level qualification e.g. PhD, MD, MSc Affiliation with relevant Royal College or regulatory body
Established relationships An understanding of BSG Committees and Structures Previous experience as chair or member of Committee or Section of the BSG Active in region / local health economy Similar experience of other Societies or National Committees would be an advantage Track record in Education/Training or Research including publication or guideline involvement
Personal Qualities Required Evidence of Leadership skills or effective roles Evidence of Team working & relevant communication and organisational skills Understanding of governance Time, resilience & commitment to undertake the roles Board level or equivalent experience Evidence of governance role or experienc



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