Closing date 10 May 2019

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Mark Hacker

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Job Description - Key Elements

The role is the overall Lead and Champion for the BSG on Alcohol and Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD). The Lead will initially shadow the current Lead for a period of 12 months before taking on the role substantively. It will:

  1. Work under the auspices of the Liver Section and be accountable to the Vice-President Hepatology and President of the BSG.
  2. Work closely with all Sections of the BSG, including Pancreatology, CSSC, Primary Care, Nutrition, etc.
  3. Represent the BSG on the Alcohol Health Alliance, Health and Enforcement Alcohol Forum and Public Health England Alcohol Strategy Group (see below).
  4. Respond and input into BSG, AHA and national documents, such as from NICE.
  5. Represent the BSG and AHA in the media.
  6. Coordinate alcohol policy and treatment services for the UK, collaborating with the Alcohol and Liver Leads in all 4 home nations.
  7. Continue to provide the evidence-base to develop and support the optimal workforce, with Alcohol Care Team (ACT) consultant leads, hepatologists, liaison psychiatrists and alcohol and liver specialist nurses.
  8. Work closely with BASL.
  9. Work to achieve uptake of IQILS, implementation of the 2013 NCEPOD recommendations and liver networks.
  10. Work closely with patient groups, such as the British Liver Trust.

Involvement in National Committees

  • Alcohol Health Alliance. 50 Royal Colleges and Charities committed to all aspects of alcohol policy and treatment. The BSG Alcohol Lead’s role is to emphasise workforce, prevention, treatment, liver disease and other physical complications of alcohol, such as Alcohol-related Brain Damage (ARBD).

  • Health and Enforcement Alcohol Forum. This is the main Home office Alcohol Committee. The Home Office is the Lead of around 10 Ministries associated with Alcohol. The Home Office Committee only meets every 3 months or so. The Alcohol Lead tends to change every 12 -18 months.

  • Public Health England Alcohol Strategy and Experts’ Advisory Groups. These 2 Groups overlap. The first one may finish once the 2019 Alcohol Strategy is published.

Eligibility to apply and process of application

To be considered for this role, submit your 2 page CV and cover letter to the CEO, Mark Hacker, at by Friday 10th May 2019.

Interviews will take place on 3rd June 2019.


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