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Senior Clinical Fellow in Endoscopy

Fellowship type: Endoscopy
Focus: Endoscopy, ERCP, EUS
Start date: 01/08/2022
Duration: 1-2 years
Currently accepting applications: Yes

There are six (due to be 8 in Oct 2022) purpose-built endoscopy rooms in the Trust. The unit is one of the busiest in the region and performs over 20,000 endoscopies per year.

Training opportunities would be tailored to the candidate and could include advanced polypectomy / EMR (upper & lower), small & large bowel capsule endoscopy, ERCP and/or diagnostic EUS. Upskilling in therapy will be supported with dedicated training lists (2 per week), and there will be service lists to embed skills (4 per week). The post also includes an aspirational session (1 per week). There is no requirement for ward work or on-call. The post also provides the opportunity for the development of other areas of interest in Gastroenterology, such as specialist IBD clinics, specialist hepatology clinics, capsule endoscopy, and research in endoscopy.
Applicants will only be considered if they are able to perform OGD and colonoscopy independently.

Endoscopy Fellowship type
6 Lists per Week
-34 Service Lists
-23 Training Lists
20000 Yearly Procedures
None On-call Commitment
Yes Currently accepting applications?