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Paediatric Gastroenterology Fellow

Focus: Upper GI endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP, EUS, Small Bowel/Capsule
Start date: 01/01/2021
Duration: One Year

The post will comprise 4 lists of paediatric-specific endoscopy training each week, 4 outpatient clinics and one day research.

All aspects of endoscopy in children will be covered (tailored to candidate’s needs) including OGD, ileo-colonoscopy, double balloon enteroscopy, wireless capsule endoscopy, PEGs, PEJs, dilation, GI bleeds, variceal management, duodenal web division, FB extraction, polypectomy, EMR, ESSD, OTSC, TNE, Stretta, pseudocyst drainage etc.

A research project will be offered as part of an active endoscopy research program.

As the National Training Centre for paediatric endoscopy we also offer a Symbionix simulator, 3-D scope guides and physical upper and lower scope models. We run one training course a month in upper/lower endoscopy and a train-the-trainers course once a year.

Ten consultants perform endoscopy. Five consultants have attended train-the-trainer courses.

The JD will be tailored to the individual candidate’s requirements with the above in mind.

10 Lists per Week
0 Service Lists
10 Training Lists
5000 Yearly Procedures
0 On-call Commitment
General Medicine Component