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Endoscopy Research Fellow

Focus: Colonoscopy
Start date: 09/01/2021
Duration: Flexible

This is an endoscopy research post working with the multi award winning research team (HSJ award 2016, SAGE award 2016, UK industry award 2018, RCP Excellence in Patient Care Research Award 2020) supervised by Professor Colin Rees and team at Newcastle University. Most fellows undertake MD or PhD. All fellowships lead to multiple outputs with recent fellows delivering some of the largest endoscopy trials in the world including ADENOMA, BADENOMA, DISCARD 2 trials ( all leading to Gut publications), OSCAR study and development of the Newcastle ENDOPREM.

Fellows will work with the Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevention Endoscopy and Early Diagnosis (COLO-SPEED) programme which will deliver multiple studies in the coming years including COLOCOHORT (10 000 patients studying risk factors for colorectal neoplasia and the role of the microbiome), COLODETECT (3000 multi centre RCT of AI detection of polyps). Fellows will be trained in advanced colonoscopy.

2 Lists per Week
1 Service Lists
1 Training Lists
300 Yearly Procedures
None mandated On-call Commitment
General Medicine Component