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Endoscopy fellow

Fellowship type: Endoscopy
Focus: Endoscopy, Small bowel/Capsule
Start date: 09/01/2021
Duration: Usually 3 years but can vary depending on research
Currently accepting applications: No

An exciting opportunity to work with Prof Matt Rutter and the Northern Region Endoscopy Group (NREG). The posts are 50% clinical and 50% research. Previous fellows have conducted endoscopy-based research on water-assisted endoscopy, the National Endoscopy Database, patient comfort, post-polypectomy surveillance, quality improvement in polyp detection, complex polyps, endoscopic complications and PCCRC. The posts also offer an excellent opportunity to improve diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic skills: fellows achieve an average of 1000 procedures a year and highly value this aspect of the post. As a regional training centre we also encourage participation in training/TCT accreditation.

Prospective fellows should anticipate being independent in gastroscopy and independent/close to sign-off for colonoscopy by commencement of the post.

Please contact Matt Rutter to enquire further – we tend to advertise/appoint almost a year in advance so early discussion with Matt is recommended.

Endoscopy Fellowship type
5 Lists per Week
4 Service Lists
1 Training Lists
1000 Yearly Procedures
nil On-call Commitment
1 General Medicine Component
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