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Endoscopy Fellowship

Fellowship type: Endoscopy
Focus: Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, ERCP, EUS, Upper GI endoscopy
Start date: 10/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Currently accepting applications: No

These posts are designed for trainees who have finished/nearly finished training and wish to gain more endoscopy experience before applying for consultant posts. Candidates are expected to be at least provisionally signed off for gastroscopy and colonoscopy, and provide 5 service lists per week. We will provide 2 training lists per week in either ERCP, EUS, or colonic EMR to allow candidates to sub-specialise. All endoscopy fellows will have an educational supervisor. We will be able to offer suitable candidates inclusion in the middle grade or out of hours GI bleed on call rota, and potentially some clinical experience. Royal Derby Hospital has a modern, fully equipped 7 room endoscopy unit, which is part of the 3 site, fully JAG accredited 12 room endoscopy service, which is the 6th busiest in the country undertaking almost 25,000 procedures per annum pre-COVID. Despite our size, we are a friendly unit and we would welcome visits and are happy to have telephone conversations.

Endoscopy Fellowship type
7 Lists per Week
5 Service Lists
2 Training Lists
500 Yearly Procedures
none at present - opportunity available On-call Commitment
1 General Medicine Component
No Currently accepting applications?