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AI Task Force Special Interest Group (SIG) leads announced

Updated on: 27 Apr 2022   First published on 15 Jun 2021

The AI Task Force has set up a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The leads for these SIGs were confirmed in post at the June 2021 meeting of the AI Task Force as below:

AI in Clinical Practice Co-leads: Dr Pushpakaran Munuswamy and Dr Nisha Patel
Training in AI Dr Gareth Corbett
Research in AI Co-leads: Dr Sunil Dolwani and Dr Rehan Haidry
Natural Language Processing Co-leads: Professor Jonathan Brown and Dr Sebastian Zeki
AI in IBD Lead: Prof Sebastian Shaji

Deputy: Dr Jo Brooks-Warburton


Find out more about the task force on their dedicated page where you can also fill out a form if you’re interested in joining.

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