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Expense policy for non-members

Occasionally, non-members will be required to incur expenses whilst they are on BSG authorised business. BSG defines a ‘business expense’ as an expense that can be reimbursed on the basis that it has been incurred in connection with a BSG member’s duties. Details of expenses that can be reimbursed are contained within this policy. It is essential that these expenses are justified, reasonable in amount, properly documented and incurred in accordance with this policy.


This policy applies to all speakers at BSG events who are non-members of the BSG. It does not cover contractors, members or payments to suppliers.

Policy Principles

BSG will reimburse speaker expenditure if it is directly attributable to the BSG event they are speaking at, on the premise that it is in accordance with the following policy principles:

  • Speakers are asked to choose the most appropriate means of transport, with a view to minimise costs.
  • The BSG standard mileage rate is 40p per mile.
  • When booking travel (particularly flights, hotels, trains and car hire), speakers should ensure that they book as far in advance as possible.

BSG Annual Meeting

  • Speakers will be provided with complementary registration for the duration of the conference.
  • Speaker travel and accomodation will be reimbursed in line with their invitation letter.

Other BSG courses and events

  • Faculty / speaker travel can be reimbursed at the BSG standard rate.
  • Faculty meals and accommodation should be reasonable and only claimed as expenses when appropriate for the event schedule.
  • Speakers for the Trainees Education and Leadership and Management Weekends should notify the organisers prior to the event if they need accommodation and it will be provided for them.

Non-member attendance at BSG committee meetings

  • Non-members can be reimbursed at the BSG standard rate if they have been invited by the Chair, or if on-going attendance is expected. Non-members should join BSG.
  • If a non-member asks to attend, they must cover their own expenses.

Claim information

  • Claims should be made through the BSG website via Spendesk.
  • Expenses must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • A spendesk account can be set up using the form below.
  • The name of the event must be clearly indicated when claiming expenses.
  • You must ensure contact details held in Spendesk are correct in case of query.
  • You must BSG of any changes to bank details or account as soon as reasonably possible in order to ensure payment.
  • Claims will be paid by BACS on a fortnightly basis.

This form is for non-member expenses only.  BSG members should go to Expenses to claim.