This is the fifth Annual Nottingham Gastroenterology European SCE Course. This two-day course is set to be a fantastic event for gastroenterology trainees of all grades, covering the breadth of the 2010 JRCPTB gastroenterology curriculum, tailored to help trainees prepare for the Gastroenterology Specialty Certificate Examination. This interactive course covers all the core topics including GI radiology, histopathology and endoscopy images reflective of the content of the examination. In addition sessions are included on examination technique with the opportunity for real-time mock examinations and quizzes for discussion.

The course has been designed and organised by a Consultant Gastroenterologist who is an MRCP (UK) examiner and a GI Oncologist who is an FRCR examiner and Clinical Oncology Programme Director. The course has been revised with the support of a senior registrar with special interest in medical education (who has prepared, sat and passed the examination).

Our course faculty comprises an impressive and broad range of senior academic and clinical consultants, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognised to be experts in their field.

The aim of the course is to provide trainees with a strong foundation in Gastroenterology, which can not only be translated to their day to day clinical practice but which can also provide the necessary skills and knowledge base to enable them to successfully complete the Gastroenterology Specialty Certificate Examination.

Nurse endoscopists and clinical nurse specialists are welcome to attend with financial help offered to attend the course. Previous courses have been attended by internal and external nurse endoscopists and clinical nurse specialists with excellent feedback.

The course has been endorsed by the BSG Education Committee; BSG members pay a discounted registration fee.

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