Frontiers is St Mark's Hospital’s flagship three day annual international conference, with symposia covering many of the most important topics in intestinal and colorectal disease.

St Mark's are delighted to announce that this year we have three visiting professors. This year, the Sir Alan Parks Visiting Professor is Sebastiano Biondo (Bellvitge University Hospital, Barcelona), the Sir Francis Avery Jones Visiting Professor is Siew Ng (Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong) and the Basil Morson Visiting Professor is Neil Shepherd (Cheltenham General Hospital, United Kingdom).

The topics this year will include:

  • Bugs and the gut
  • Non-invasive GI testing
  • State of the art lectures
  • The benign anus
  • Live surgery from St Mark’s
  • Emergency surgery in diverticular disease
  • Rectal cancer surgery
  • Technical tips video sessions
  • Intestinal rehabilitation


Wednesday 27th November, 2019

Endoscopy under the spotlight – what’s new?

  • Lower GI bleeding guidelines 
  • Polyp surveillance guidelines 
  • Post-colonoscopy cancer

Polyp MDT cases

Bugs and the gut

  • The microbiome: cause or cure? 
  • Faecal microbiota transplantation: how we do it 
  • Acute colitis: spectrum of disease 
  • How to avoid infection in IBD 

Sir Francis Avery Jones Lecture: Epidemiology of IBD: What the East can tell the West

Janssen lunch symposium

Live endoscopy

Wendy Atkin Lecture – Personalised screening and risk prediction

Consultants’ corner – IBD

Thursday 28th November, 2019

Breakfast Session 1: Polyp MDT
Breakfast Session 2: Complex IBD MDT

Pilonidal disease – avoiding and solving problems

The benign anus: what’s new, top tips, how to avoid trouble

  • Medical management of Crohn’s fi stula Siew Ng
  • Surgical management of anal fi stula Phil Tozer
  • Management of rectovaginal fistula Carolynne Vaizey

Non-invasive GI testing – under the spotlight

  • It smells like IBD 
  • The breath we breathe 
  • Spitting bad 
  • FIT for symptoms? 

The John Nicholls Prize

Sir Alan Parks Lecture – Emergency surgery for the colon

Live operating

Emergency surgery in diverticular disease

  • Five years of emergency surgery in the UK 
  • Uncomplicated diverticulitis: conservative options 
  • Complicated diverticulitis 

Debate: Who should treat diverticulitis in 21st century: emergency or colorectal surgeon?

Emergency case discussion

Friday 29th November, 2019

Breakfast Session 3: Complex Cancer MDT
Breakfast Session 4: Trouble shooting Feeding the Surgical Patient MDT – lines, tubes, stomas the lot

Quality in rectal cancer surgery – what is it and how to achieve it

  • Quality indicators in rectal cancer surgery
  • Alternative techniques in low rectal cancer
  • The aftermath: erectile and urinary dysfunction
  • Low anterior resection syndrome

Question time: controversies in colorectal surgery

The Basil Morson Lecture – The pathology of colorectal cancer screening

Technical tips in endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery – video session

Intuitive lunch symposium – The robotisation of colorectal surgery – what’s driving its expansion?

Intestinal rehabilitation

  • Prehabilitation: IBD surgery
  • Prehabilitation: cancer surgery
  • Rehabilitation: post-op optimisation

Surgical leaks

  • Is there a need for centralisation of care?
  • Novel approaches to management

Leaky cases

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