The course aims to provide an insight into the huge diversity and exciting opportunities the specialty provides in terms of training but also as a consultant in the future.

The course will offer:

  • Hi-tech interactive lectures
  • Hands-on endoscopic experience
  • GI emergency simulation scenarios
  • A practical introduction to imaging used on a daily basis
  • Interactive MDT

The main aim is to inspire the next generation of trainees to follow Gastroenterology as their chosen career. It will also provide application and interview advice for those intending to apply for the next round of training posts in early 2019.


BSG Taster Course in Gastroenterology 2018 Programme

DAY 1: An insight into Gastroenterology

0830-0900       Registration

0900-0905       Welcome speech

                        Course organisers (Dr Sharmila Subramaniam & Dr Jennifer Clough)

Career pathways in Gastroenterology

0905-0925       Why choose Gastroenterology

                            Dr Ellie Taylor

0925-0945       Career pathways in Gastroenterology – where we have come from and where we are heading

                            Prof Martin Lombard

Gastroenterology on the shop floor – what it’s actually like

0945-1000       Experiences from a current Gastroenterology trainee

                            Dr Charelle Manning

1000-1020       Experiences from a Research Gastroenterologist - Building a research active career

                           Prof Matthew Brookes

1020-1040       Coffee break

The MDT and interactive workshops – a selection of 5 cases discussed in an MDT followed by interactive workshops

MDT Facilitator: Dr Mark McAlindon

MDT Faculty: Dr Charlotte Rutter, Dr Vinay Sehgal, Mr Valerio Celentano, Dr Sarah Upponi, Dr Philip Smith, Dr Adrian Bateman, Dr Yasmin Pasha

1040-1105       Case 1: Oesophageal


1105-1130       Case 2: Hepatobiliary


1130-1155       Case 3: Nutrition


1155-1220       Case 4: IBD


1220-1245       Case 5: Hepatology


1040-1245       Interactive workshops

1345-1550       (4 groups rotating – 30 minutes each)

ROOM 1          Ultrasound and the Gastroenterologist (ultrasound/fibroscan) –

interactive station and tutorial

Dr Charelle Manning, Dr Suranga Dharmasiri, Dr Shivkumar Budihal, Dr Janisha Patel, Dr Christopher Ball, Dr Matteo Rosselli

ROOM 2          Hands on upper GI therapeutics

Dr Fergus Thursby-Pelham, Dr Gareth Sadler, Dr Peter Neville, Dr Polychronis Pavlidis, Dr Fergus Chedgy, Dr Mohid Khan, Dr Kesavan Kandiah, Dr Emma Wesley, Dr Shraddha Gulati

ROOM 3          Endoscopic simulation station (colonoscopy/UGI endoscopy/capsule endoscopy)

Dr Rebecca Keay, Dr Neil Hawkes, Dr Clare Parker, Dr Amit Chattree, Dr Sam Murray, Dr Tariq El Menabawey, Dr Max Hu

ROOM 4          Real time emergency scenario station

Dr Shelby Webster, Dr Gloria Tun, Dr Emma Saunsbury

1245-1340       LUNCH

1550-1605       Coffee break

Specialising in Gastroenterology

1605-1625       Endoscopy

                            Dr Bu’ Hayee

1625-1645       Nutrition

                           Dr Charlotte Rutter

1645-1705       IBD

                           Dr Joel Mawdsley

1705-1725       Hepatology

                          Dr Heather Lewis


1725-1730       Summary of the day


1730-1830       Drinks and canapés

DAY 2: Getting ‘THAT’ job!

Breakout workshops (0830-0915)

Workshop 1 - Less than full time training (Ellie Taylor/Rebecca Keay)*

Workshop 2 - Academic clinical foundation pathway (TBC)*

*content subject to change - please indicate on registration if interested in attending

Hurdles for the budding Gastroenterologist to overcome during training

0930-0940       Specialty Certificate Exam (SCE)


0940-1000       Dual accrediting in GIM and Gastro: There's light at the end of the tunnel

                           Dr Neil Hawkes

1000-1015       To OOP or not to OOP – research and Gastroenterology

                           Dr Sharmila Subramaniam

1015-1030       Managing your life and being a trainee in Gastroenterology

  • children, family and your health

                            Dr Philip Smith

1030-1045       Coffee break

Applying for Gastroenterology posts

1045-1105       Competition, competition, competition – overview of posts, competition rates

                             Dr Melanie Lockett

1105-1220       How to get a post – the perfect application form and interview

                            Dr Beverly Oates

1220-1320       LUNCH

1320-1340       How to get a post – the interview – presentation/communication station

                             Dr Beverley Oates

1340-1400       If at first you don’t succeed – what to do if things do not work out

                             Dr Melanie Lockett

1400-1420       A doctor’s experience of the application process

                            Dr Giovanna Sheiybani

1420-1430       Summary of the day

1430-1445       Q&A session with the expert panel

1445-1500       Feedback

1500                Course close



University College London Hospital 
Education Centre
1st Floor West 
250 Euston Road 

The Education Centre website


The UCH Education Centre is located in central London ( Click here to view the location on a map) and is easily accessible by both train and tube from London City and Heathrow airports.

The UCH Education Centre is located within a short walk of London's mainline Euston, St Pancras and King's Cross railway stations, plus the following tube stations: King's Cross (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, Northern and Victoria lines) Warren Street (Northern and Victoria lines) and Euston Square (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines).

Local Accommodation:


If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the course organiser:

Durford Mill
GU31 5AZ

Tel: 01730 821 969


British Society of Gastroenterology contact:

Chris O'Shea

Tel: 020 7563 9991


Further information:

Cost for delegates
Registration for the course is £150

Course Drinks
There will be course drinks on the Saturday (1st December). ALL delegates are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to attend the course drinks, which will also be attended by faculty members.

We expect the course to be extremely popular so places will be given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis although priority will be given to CMT doctors due to proximity to specialty training applications.