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Endorsed Event: Birmingham Hybrid International Endoscopy Symposium

Endorsed Event: Birmingham Hybrid International Endoscopy Symposium

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We are delighted to endorse the Birmingham Hybrid International Endoscopy Symposium, taking place 14th – 15th October 2021 at Birmingham City University.

UK experts faculty will join with colleagues from across the globe for excellent discussions around cutting edge techniques in Endoscopy. There will be an excellent range of exceptional international speakers and cutting-edge talks including: underwater endoscopy, EMR, UEMR, computer assisted diagnosis, upper GI bleeding management, management of Barrett’s Neoplasia, and dysplasia in IBD.

There will be a key note lecture by Prof. Tanaka on EMR or ESD – how to assess colonic lesions.

International faculty joining the event virtually include:

  • Prof Shinji Tanaka, Japan
  • Prof Pinghong Zhou, China
  • Prof Helmut Neumann, Germany
  • Prof Oliver Pech, Germany
  • Prof Chris Mulder, Netherlands
  • Prof Ken Binmoeller, USA
  • Prof Noriya Uedo, Osaka, Japan
  • Dr Yoji Takeuchi, Japan
  • Dr Toshio Kuwai, Japan
  • Prof Cesare Hassan, Italy
  • Dr Sergio Cadoni, Italy
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg G. Albert, Germany
  • Prof Jing Wu, China
  • Dr Maria Antipova, Russia

This event is free to attend.

Endorsed by the BSG



Time Session Leader
08:00 Introduction and welcome to the first BIES meeting Prof. Sauid Ishaq
Session 1: Masterclass (with video cases) Chairs: Prof. Chris Mulder & Prof. Sauid Ishaq
08:15 Early gastric cancer – assessment and selection of treatment options P Bhandari
08:35 Dysplasia in IBD – how to diagnose and treat B Hayee
08:55 WCE/Balloon enteroscopy in IBD/stricture management E Despott
09:15 Group Q&A
09:35 – 09:40 Break & sponsor session
Session 2: How I do it (with video cases) Chairs: Dr Adil Butt & Dr Rehan Haidry
09:40 Assessment of Barrett’s mucosa R Haidry
10:00 Management Barrett’s neoplasia – resect, burn, or freeze O Pech
10:20 Transnasal endoscopy E Despott
1o:40 Underwater colonoscopy S Cadoni
11:00 Group Q&A
11:20 – 11:25 Break & sponsor session
Session 3: Quality in Colonoscopy (KPI) Chairs: Dr Bjorn Rambaken & Prof Jörg Albert
11:25 Difficult colonoscopy – tips and tricks N Suzuki
11:45 Improving ADR C Hassan
12:05 Computer assisted diagnosis (CAD) H Neumann
12:25 Group Q&A
12:45 – 13:25 Lunch & sponsor session
Session 4: Therapeutic Endoscopy (Upper GI) Chairs: Dr Noor Mohammad & Dr Adil Butt
13:25 Oesophageal ESD – how I do it (videos) P Bhandari
13:45 Gastric ESD – how I do it ( videos) N Uedo
14:05 ESD – East vs West divide – debate P Bhandari / N Uedo
14:15 Group Q&A
14:35 – 14:50 Break & sponsor session
Session 5: Therapeutic endoscopy (Lower GI) Chairs: Dr Noriku Suzuki, Prof Sauid Ishaq & Dr Marietta Iacucci
14:50 Safe and effective polypectomy, diathermy settings, injections, and snares B Rembacken
15:10 Cold snare polypectomy, when and how to do it Y Takeuchi
15:30 Conventional EMR – how I do it A Parra-Blanco
15:50 Underwater EMR S Ishaq
16:10 Colonic ESD N Suzuki
16:50 Group Q&A
17:10 – 17:15 Break & sponsor session
Session 6: Training in Endoscopy Chairs: Prof Adolfo Parra Blanco & Prof David Sanders
17:15 Endoscopy training in UK – are we meeting the needs of trainees? K Siau
17:35 Advanced endoscopy training – who should teach & be trained? S Dolwani
17:55 Group Q&A


Time Session Leader
08:00 Welcome and Introduction to Day Two
Session 1: State of the art lecture Introduced by Dr T Kuwai
08:15 EMR or ESD – how to assess colonic lesions – NBI/JNET S Tanaka
08:35 – 08:40 Break & sponsor session
Session 2: Therapeutic endoscopy Chairs: Dr Srisha Hebbar & Dr Noor Muhammed
08:40 Colonic full thickness resection (video cases) J Albert
09:00 Colonic stenting tips and tricks, dos and don’ts (video cases) T Kuwai
09:20 Therapeutic enteroscopy – polyps/ bleeding (video cases) D Sanders
09:40 Group Q&A
10:00 – 10:05 Break & sponsor session
Session 3: Third space endoscopy Chairs: Dr Noor Muhammed & Dr Bu Hayee
10:05 POEM – the western experience A Haji
10:25 POEM – what is the learning curve? N Muhammed
10:45 Future of 3rd space endoscopy P Zhou
11:05 Group Q&A
11:25 – 11:30 Break & sponsor session
Session 4: GI bleeding Chairs: Prof Sauid Ishaq & Prof David Sanders
11:30 Upper GI bleed – when to intervene and endoscopic management A Stanley
11:50 UGIB – Hot capsule D Sanders
12:10 Polypectomy related bleeding (video cases) N Mohammed
12:30 Group Q&A
12:50 – 13:20 Lunch & sponsor session
Session 5: Hepatobiliary Chairs: Dr George Webster & Dr Andy Holt
13:20 EUS guided Portal Pressure Gradient – a new kid on the block B Mahon
13:40 ERCP – tricks and tips for canulation, pre cut sphincterotomy (video cases) M Ahmed
14:00 Sphincterotomy related bleed and perforation (video cases) S Hebbar
14:20 ERCP training challenges – what can we do about it? N Fisher
14:40 Group Q&A
15:00 Closing remarks Prof. Sauid Ishaq
15:05 – 15:15 Sponsor session


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Date And Time

14-10-2021 @ 08:00 to
15-10-2021 @ 15:15


Birmingham City University

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