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Web based Colon Capsule training course

  • Mon 01 – Fri 12 Jun

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • 3 St Andrews Place, London, NW1 4LB

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This is a web-based colon capsule reading course designed to rapidly train aspiring practitioners to reliably perform and read full colon capsule studies. The entire curriculum can be completed part time from work or home conforms to the standards recommended by European and American authorities.

The web-based training is suitable for GI consultants, hospital specialists and nurses with endoscopy experience. On registration, trainees will receive an interactive smartphone App that teaches patient preparation and image recognition of the most common disorders of the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine. On completing the App based course, candidates will be provided with access to a browser-based Rapid Reader simulator, with a user interface identical to Rapid Reader V9, and a library of up to 20 full colon capsule videos, progressively graded in complexity.

After an introductory telecast, trainees will be asked to view and report on two to three full cases daily. The reports will be uploaded to Professor Epstein and capsule endoscopy nurse specialist Hansa Palmer, who will evaluate the reports and rapidly provide written feedback on each report. When appropriate, one-to-one online guidance will be provided. Once the first 10 cases have been reported, a zoom telecast will allow for Q&A. Of the 10 remaining full cases, the final five will be used for summative assessment with the expectation that candidates recognise at least 90% of clinically significant pathologies.

On satisfactory completion of all 20 cases, a certificate of competence will be awarded recognising that the candidate has fulfilled published training criteria. The current pressures on diagnostic services and the urgency to train capsule colonoscopists to help deal with pressures on the two-week waits has required accelerating the usual 5-6 week course into an accelerated two-week timescale.

The course is appropriate for colorectal surgeons and trainees as well as IBD nurse specialists monitoring the efficacy of treatment interventions.

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  • Non-member fees – £1250
  • BSG member fees – £625

To register, contact [email protected]

This event has been endorsed by the BSG Education Committee and an application has been made for CPD credits.