Phil Harvey discusses 'out of programme experiences in gastroenterology' in the first issue of our Education Online series.

From the article:

"...Finding the right OOP requires careful consideration. This should be based upon the type of consultant role that a trainee would eventually like to fulfil, for example an advanced endoscopy post will need a different OOP to a transplant hepatologist. Trainees’ personal circumstances are significant: those with a young family might find pursuing OOP abroad difficult. Trainees should also consider the timing of their OOP within the 5 year registrar training programme. Considerations include developing the skills needed prior to undertaking OOP (e.g. basic endoscopy prior to an advanced fellowship) and being satisfied that there is enough remaining training time after OOP to re-familiarise with clinical gastroenterology prior to becoming a consultant. Discussing career plans widely with consultants and considering both the mentorship[6] and research champions programme[7] offered by the BSG will also assist a trainee in making an informed decision..."

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