UEG Activity Grant Scheme

Want endorsement for your educational project? Apply for the UEG Activity Grant until April 5, 2019.

Nottingham European SCE Gastroenterology Preparation 5th Course

This interactive course covers all the core topics including GI radiology, histopathology and endoscopy images reflective of the content of the examination.

Upcoming BSG Events: Save the Date!

A list of events to look out for from the BSG in 2019.

Y-ECCO Career Workshop 2019

The workshop is a great opportunity for trainees and is delivered by world renowned IBD experts.

Newcastle Clinical Nutrition Course

This course provides a broad grounding in clinical nutrition and allows medical and surgical trainees to develop increased awareness of the appropriate assessment and management of patients with malnutrition.

Regional Gastroenterology Conference for London & the South East

An update course in gastroenterology aimed at Consultants and SpRs in gastroenterology for London and the South East regions.

BASL/BSG Introduction to Hepatology: Education and Career Day

An introduction to hepatology day (for all gastro trainees) will be held at the medical school in Birmingham.

BSG Data Analytics Group

The BSG is seeking to develop a data analytics group (DAG) for members with an interest in the technical aspects of data capture and analysis.

Royal Free Sheila Sherlock Hepatology Postgraduate Course 2019

The programme provides a comprehensive review of the diagnosis, investigation and management of patients with liver disease across outpatient, acute take and intensive care settings.

AGIP Upper GI Masterclass - 2019

The upcoming masterclass will appeal to a wide audience with an interest in oesophageal pathophysiology.

Sheffield Small Bowel Symposium

Topics covered will include capsule endoscopy in coeliac disease and what’s new, managing small bowel polyps and  how to deal with strictures and using the Crohn’s Pillcam.

European Capsule Endoscopy Course 2019

This course is suitable for consultants, trainees, endoscopy nurses and fellows.

Trainee Prizes 2019

Apply by 22nd February for a chance to win £1000! 4 Awards are available.


The Alastair McIntyre Prize at BSG 2018

This year, the top three scoring applicants for the Alastair McIntyre Prize for Improving Gastroenterology Training were entered into the ‘Educational Dragons’ Den’.

BSG Trainees Journal Watch

A selection of guidelines, journal articles and podcasts.

KENT Endoscopy Training Course 2018

Interactive sessions on advanced endoscopic techniques will be on offer to the delegates giving useful practical experience.

London Live Endoscopy 2018

The 9th Annual London Live Endoscopy Course : fun, informal and challenging

Stoke ERCP & EUS Symposium 2018

The two day event will aim to address the clinical and technical issues faced during ERCP

Gut - Top Cited Articles

30 articles that have received the most citations over the past year

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