BSG Section Committees

Adolescent & Young Persons Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Paediatric Gastroenterologists
Dr P Narula Chair 2018
Dr N Zarate-Lopez Member 2019
Dr F Kiparissi Member 2017
Dr R Muhammed Member 2018
Dr R Al-Araji  Trainee Rep 2018
Miss R Hubbard Nurse Rep 2018
Adult Gastroenterologists
Dr N Arebi Secretary & Research Committee Rep 2018
Dr A Brooks Member 2018
Dr E Mozdiak  Trainee Rep 2018
Dr P Smith CICRA Rep 2018
Dr S Sebastian     Co-opted member 2018
Dr D Devadason Co-opted member 2018
Prof M Thomson Co-opted member 2019

Association of GI Physiologists Committee

Name Position
Dr Rami Sweis President
Mr Warren Jackson Chairperson
Dr Kevin Knowles Symposium Secretary  
Prof Stephen Attwood AGIP Upper GI Clinical member
Miss Karen Nugent AGIP Lower GI Clinical member
Ms Joanne Hayes Honorary Treasurer
Ms Sarah Kelly Education Secretary 
Dr Anthony Hobson Research Secretary 
Dr Steve Perring Publication (Inc. NewWave) Secretary 
Dr Tanya Miller Accreditation Officer
Ms Jennifer Burke Membership Secretary 
Dr Emma Jones AGIP Representative - IQIPS
Miss Gemma Pickering Minute Secretary  


Fellows and Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows of the Association of GI Physiologists

  • John Bancewicz (Retired)
  • C Paul Barham
  • John de Caestecker
  • Graeme S Duthie
  • Robert C Heading
  • Brian Johnston
  • Michael A Kahm
  • John Lennard-Jones
  • William J Owen (1945-2003)
  • Anne Pryde
  • Janet A Wilson

Fellows of The Association of GI Physiologists

  • Warren Jackson
  • Kathy Noble
  • Elisa Wrightham

Retired Fellows

  • Angela Anggiansah
  • Josephine D Barlow
  • Graham K. Buckton
  • Paddy Byrne
  • David F Evans
  • Angela Gardiner
  • Kevin R. Haylett
  • Julie Hogan
  • Lesley Irvine
  • Lena Payne
  • Lynne Smith
  • Jane Stratford
  • Patricia Vales


BSG Nurses Association Committee

Name Position Year
Claire Rodgers Chairperson 2019 - 2021
TBC Deputy Chair, Research link & Northern Ireland Representative 2016 - 2019
Madhoor Ramdeen Secretary 2018 - 2020
Phedra Dodds
JETS Workforce lead, Wales representative  
2017 - 2020
Shellie Radford    
TBC 2019 - 
Sarah Marshall TBC 2019 - 
Jo Lock Website link 2017 - 2020
Helen Griffiths Decontamination lead 2017 - 2019
Alison Ball RCN link 2015 - 2018
Irene Dunkley co-opted ESGENA secretary 2017 - 2020

Colorectal Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Edward Seward  Member 2016
Shairoz Samji  Member 2016
Ibrahim Al Bakir   Member 2016
Ajay Verma  Member 2016
Dr M Matharoo Member (Trainee representative) 2016
Dr J O'Donohue Member 2016
Dr K Monahan Member 2017
Dr J Warusavitarne Member 2017
Mr S Siddiqi Member 2018


BSG Endoscopy Committee

BSG Endoscopy Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr I Penman VP/Chair 2019
Dr E Wood  Member 2019
Dr N Hawkes  Member 2019
Dr B Hayee Member 2019
Dr M Nayar Member 2016
Dr R Haidry Member 2017
Dr D Nylander Member 2017
Dr D Alzoubaidi (Trainee rep') Member 2017
Dr P Bhandari (New Techniques Lead) Member 2018
Dr A Haji Member 2018
Dr S Hebbar Member 2018
Dr M Thoufeeq Member 2018
Dr N Trudgill Member 2019
Dr R Sidhu Ex-officio  
Dr J Anderson (Lower GI Quality Lead) Ex-officio  
Ms L Dwyer (Nurse Representative) Ex-officio  
Dr J East (New Technology Lead) Ex-officio  
Dr H Griffiths (Decontamination and CJD incidents) Ex-officio  
Mr P Hagan (Training Representative) Ex officio  
Dr M McAlindon (Small Bowel Lead & Capsule Endoscopy Quality Lead) Ex officio  
Dr J Morris (NOTES / Scottish Representative) Ex-officio  
Dr K Oppong (ERCP EQIP lead) Ex-officio  
Dr I Penman (EUS EQIP Lead) Ex-officio  
Prof C Rees (BSG Endoscopy Research Network & EQIP Lead) Ex-officio  
Dr S Thomas-Gibson (JAG) Ex-officio  
Dr M Thomson (BSPGHAN Representative) Ex-officio  
Dr AM Veitch (Upper GI Quality Lead) Ex-officio  
Vacant (PCSG Representative) Ex-officio  

Gastroduodenal Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr I Beales Chairman 2017
Dr N Bhala Secretary 2018
Dr J Bornschein  Member 2019
Dr R Srirajaskanthan  Member 2019
Dr D Tai Member (Trainee) 2019
Dr M Burkitt Member 2017
Dr A Moore Member 2017

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr I Arnott Chairman 2018
Dr D Gaya Secretary 2018
Dr G Moran Member 2019
Dr J MacDonald Member 2019
Ms M Ramdeen Member (Nurse rep.) 2019
Dr S Din Member 2019
Dr R Pollock Member 2017
Dr G Parkes Member 2017
Dr I Arnott Member 2018
Dr S Sebastian Member 2018
Dr C Selinger Member 2018
Dr P Smith Member 2018
Dr H Steed Member 2018
Dr Jonathan Segal Member (Trainee Rep.) 2019
TBC Member 2019
Mr D Barker (CCUK) ex-officio  
Dr O Faiz (representing Association of Coloproctology)    
Dr R Russell (representing Paediatricians)    

Liver Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Prof P Newsome Chairman 2016
Dr R Aspinall Secretary 2016
J Nayagam  Member 2019
M Rahim Member 2019
Dr M Heneghan Member 2019
Dr A Mukhopadhya Member 2019
Dr D Tripathi Member 2017
Dr P Richardson Member 2017
Dr R Jones Member 2017
Dr Y Kallis Member 2018
Dr D Mansour Member 2018
Dr J Shearman Member 2018
Prof GJ Alexander (President, BASL) Ex-officio  
Dr D Patch (Secretary, BASL) Ex-officio  
Dr C Hollywood Ex-officio  
Dr SH Hussaini Ex-officio  
Ms M Clayton (Nurse Representative) Ex-officio  

Neurogastroenterology & Motility Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr P Paine Chair 2018
Dr A Farmer Secretary 2018
Dr H Essa  Member (Trainee Rep) 2019
Dr L Houghton Member 2019
Dr D Vasant Member 2019
Dr B Disney Member 2017
Dr M Eugenicos Member 2017
Dr M Corsetti Member 2018
Dr K Kapur Member 2018
Mr S Siddiqi Member 2018
Prof Y Yiannakou  Member 2018
Vacant AGIP Representative  

Oesophageal Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr N Trudgill Chair 2018
Dr D Morris Member 2018
Dr A Dhar Member 2017
Dr R Sweis Member 2017
Dr A Moore Member 2017
Dr J Dunn Member 2018
Dr K Kapur Member 2018
Dr J Mannath Member 2018
Prof K Ragunath ex officio  
Vacant Trainee Rep  

Pancreas Committee

Name Position Year/Org
Dr A Hopper Chairman 2017
Dr M Huggett Secretary 2017
Dr S Menon (Research Rep) Member 2016
Dr S Everett Member 2019
Dr N Tehami Member 2019
Dr B Paranandi (UKI EUS Rep) Member 2019
Dr J Leeds Member 2018
Dr V Mitra (Research Rep) Member 2018
Dr S Shetty Member 2018
Prof A Hart ex-officio/ PSGBI rep 2018
Dr E Selvaraj Member (Trainee rep) 2018

Pathology Committee

Name Position Year/Org
TBC Chair 2019
Dr LM Wang Secretary 2017
Prof. R Goldin Member 2019
Dr S Walsh Member 2017
Vacant Member TBC
Dr H Grabsch Member Ex-officio

Small Bowel & Nutrition Committee

Role Name
Chairman, Programme Committee Rep. & Guideline Lead   Professor R Arasaradnam
Secretary, Quality Improvement Dr C Pither
Education Representative Dr F Rahman and Dr M Naghibi
Clinical Services Dr J Mannath
Research Lead, College (RCP to BSG) Dr J Nightingale
Trainee Representative Dr M Fitzpatrick
College (BSG to RCP) Dr S Lewis

Trainees' Committee

Name Position Representing Committee Year/Org
Dr Philip Harvey Chair West Midlands BSG Council, BSG Training & SAC Gastroenterology 2019
Dr Ellie Taylor Former Chair Yorkshire & Humber    2019
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Member Oxford   2018
Dr Sinan Al-Rubaye Member Mersey   2016
Dr Adnan ur Rahman  Member Wales   2019
Dr Sunny Raju Member Yorkshire & Humber   2019
Dr Jennifer Clough Member (Secretary) South Thames   2017
Dr Rebecca Dunn Member Northern   2017
Dr Charelle Manning Member East of England   2017
Dr John McGoran Member Northern Ireland   2017
Dr Polychronis Pavlidis Member KSS   2017
Dr Sharmila Subramaniam Member NE Thames   2017
Dr Rebecca Harris Member East Midlands   2019
Dr Jennifer Veryan Member West of Scotland   2017
TBC Member East of Scotland   2019
Dr Uma Selvarajah Member NW Thames   2018
Dr Elizabeth Sweeney Member Mersey   2018
Dr Eizabeth Ratcliffe Member (Treasurer) North West   2018
Dr James Gulliver   Member Severn & SW Peninsula    
Dr Charlotte Cook Member Wessex    
Dr Abisoye Akintimehi Member (CMT)      
Mr James Kennedy Member (CMT)      
Dr Amar Wahid Ex-officio   TIPGHAN / BSPGHAN 2016
Dr Amritpal Dhaliwal  Ex-officio   BAPEN Medical Trainees 2017
Dr Abhishek Chauhan Ex-officio   BASL 2017
Dr Monika Widlak Ex-officio   UEG 2017
BSG Trainee Clinical Section Committee Representatives
Dr Ella Mozdiak Adolescent & Young Persons     2017
Dr Durayd Alzoubaidi Endoscopy     2017
Dr Monika Widlak Gastroduodenal     2016
Dr Jonathan Segal Inflammatory Bowel Disease     2016
Dr Katherine Arndtz Liver     2016
Dr Dipesh Vasant Neurogastroenterology & Motility     2016
Dr Hasan Haboubi Oesophageal     2018
Dr Emmanuel Selvaraj Pancreas     2018
TBC Pathology     2018
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Small Bowel & Nutrition     2018
TBC Radiology     2018