Council and Committee Elections 2019


The election results, outlined below, were officially announced during the Annual General Meeting at our Annual Conference on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

Sections Positions Available New Members
Elected Council 4 x Elected Council members
Harriet Gordon
Helen Fidler
Melanie Lockett
Manmeet Matharoo
Adolescent & Young Persons 1 x Committee Member Natalia Zarate-Lopez
1 x Chair Person
1 x Deputy Chair
1 x Treasurer
Claire Rodgers
Shellie Radford
Sarah Marshall
1 x Chair
1 x Secretary
3 x Committee Members
1 x Trainee Rep
Edward Seward
Shairoz Samji
Ibrahim Al Bakir
Ajay Verma
Manmeet Matharoo
John O'Donohue
1 x Chair/VP Endoscopy
1 x Treasurer
1 x Secretary
Ian Penman VP
Eleanor Wood
Neil Hawkes
Bu'Hussain Hayee
3 x Committee Members
1 x Trainee Rep
Jan Bornschein
David Tai
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2 x Committee Members
2 x Nurse Representatives
Gordon Moran
Jonathan MacDonald
Madhoor Ramdeen
+1 TBC
2 x Committee Members
1 x Trainee Member
Jeremy Nayagam
Mussarat Rahim
Michael Heneghan
Ashis Mukhopadhya
2 x Committee Members
1 x Trainee Rep
Hani Essa
Lesley Houghton
Dipesh Vasant
Pancreas 3 x Committee Members
Simon Everett
Nadeem Tehami
Bharat Paranandi
4 x Committee Members
1 x Ex-Officio Member
Robert Goldin
1 x Deanery Rep (Yorkshire & Humber)
1 x Deanery Rep (Wales)
1 x Deanery Rep (East Scotland)
1 x Deanery Rep (East Midlands)
2 x CMT
Dr Phil Harvey (Chair)
Adnan ur Rahman (Wales)
Sunny Raju (Yorkshire and Humber)
Rebecca Harris (East Midlands)
TBC - East Scotland
Abisoyea Akintimehin (CMT)
James Kennedy (CMT)
IBD CRG 3 x Committee Members
Anjan Dhar
Nick Kennedy
Tariq Iqbal
Food and Function CRG
7 x Committee Members
1 x Trainee
Matthew Brookes
Alex di Mambro
Adam Farmer
Julian Walters
Maura Corsetti
Jimmy Limdi
Helen Steed
Christopher Black (Trainee)