Training Pathways

AGIP recognises the Scientific Training Programme for Gastrointestinal Physiology and Urodynamic Science (Modernising Scientific Careers) as a suitable training pathway for Gastrointestinal Physiologists. A further year in practice at the appropriate level and with a formal portfolio is required for application for Accredited Independent Healthcare Professional status.

Individual modules within this programme are available to healthcare professionals as part of CPD.

AGIP recognises the Higher Specialist Scientific Training Programme (Modernising Scientific Careers) as suitable training pathway for Consultant Clinical Scientist in Gastrointestinal Physiology.

AGIP recognises the "Equivalence" pathway for both statutory clinical scientist registration and Consultant Clinical Scientist status available to all Accredited Independent Healthcare Professionals in Gastrointestinal Physiology. This pathway is accessed through the Academy of Healthcare Science.

Accredited Scientific Practice Update:

By Elisa Skinner

September has been a busy month for development of the Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP). In discussion with the National School for Healthcare Science (NSHCS), two new ASPs have been developed in Upper and Lower GI Physiology.

From September 2017 we have three ASP trainees starting the pilot – one for Lower GI and two for Upper GI.

Workplaces are able to choose from the existing Lower and Upper GI Physiology ASPs, (details below) or propose their own if they require a different mix of skills. For example, a department with a heavy research focus may wish to propose an ASP which includes the STP module Research Methods. For each module, there will be assignments set by the University, work place assessments to be completed in an e-portfolio, and Observed Structured Final Assessments (OSFA) appropriate to the ASP.  If an individual completes 60 credits, they would qualify for a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Newcastle.

Below is a summary of the ASP courses available, Academic modules are via Newcastle University and the workplace aspect is via NSHCS:

Upper GI Route: Accredited Scientist Programme in Upper GI Physiology

  •     Introduction to GI Physiology (10 credits)
  •    Upper GI Specialist course - Upper GI Physiology (30 credits)


Lower GI Route: Accredited Scientist Programme in Lower GI Physiology

  •    Introduction to GI Physiology (10 credits)
  •    Lower GI specialist course - Lower GI Physiology and Endoanal Ultrasound (10 credits)

Any combination of STP modules can be proposed to form an ASP to meet the needs required by the workplace. More details of modules which may be of interest can be found here;

The cost per 10 credits is £435 (therefore a 30 credit module is £1305)

Cost for the workplace based assessment and OSFA examinations have not yet been confirmed.

None of these costs include travel and expenses.

Please remember that AGIP will be making the above compulsory for those individuals seeking Independent Accreditation through AGIP. For those departments undertaking IQIPS accreditation it is a requirement to have all members of the team appropriately qualified.

For further information please email: