BSG Section and Council elections are now underway

The elections for the BSG Council and various sections have now begun. Consultant members of the following Sections will have received their voting codes:

  • Endoscopy
  • Gastroduodenal
  • IBD
  • Liver
  • Oesophageal
  • Pancreas

All members except Tasters and Associates band 5 or below will also have received voting codes for the BSG Council election. 

If you have not received a voting code but believe you should have done so please check your membership details and ensure that you have provided the correct email and that you were a member of the relevant Section before 18th May 2018. If your details are correct but you have not received a code then please contact Chris O’Shea on

Once again, we are using electronic elections, which will lead to a faster count and more efficient process. To view the list of candidates and place your vote please visit and enter your Unique Voter Code (UVC).

Key points

  • Section and Council elections will take place from 18th May until 5th June (not 7th June as has been previously advertised) with the results to be presented at the AGM at BSG2018. 
  • The IBD Section Election will end earlier on the 31st May.
  • This year, there will be voting booths provided at BSG 2018 in Liverpool to allow members to cast their vote in person. Please have your Unique Voting Code (UVC) with you, there will be tablets on the BSG main stand and satellite stands linked to the voting website. The results will then be presented at the AGM.

Please click on the Sections below to view the candidates


BSG Council Election

1 position available

BSG Endoscopy Committee Section Election

4 positions available

Gastroduodenal Section Committee Election

1 position available

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Committee Election

6 positions available

Liver Section Committee Election

3 positions available

Oesophageal Section Committee Election

3 positions available

Pancreas Section Committee Election

3 positions available