Mission, Vision & Values


To support its members to provide the best care and achieve the best outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases.


To be the co-ordinating force for all professionals in the gastroenterology and hepatology community in the United Kingdom by leading and driving the agenda to deliver better care and outcomes for patients nationally and globally.


To be inclusive, cohesive, supportive, innovative and challenging in everything it does to ensure it achieves its mission and vision and be a leading and modern professional Society.


In undertaking to fulfil its mission, vision and values the BSG is working towards a series of strategic objectives in three key 'pillars'


Leadership & Member/Patient Services

    • To be an inclusive, co-ordinating, cohesive and leading organisation for patients and professionals in GI and Liver in the United Kingdom 
      This means:

      • Leading a cohesive & co-ordinated clinical and patient community
      • Being a home for all clinical professions, including nurses & AHPs
      • Being the first port of call for advice to Governments/NHS organisations
    • To be a relevant, authoritative and supportive organisation to patients, its members and the professions involved in the speciality 
      This means:

      • Improving & deepening support for patients & the membership offer
      • Extending communications to meet modern needs
      • Expanding national & local networks for support

Service Improvement & Advancing knowledge

    • To be a resource of high quality information, guidance and education to patients, its members & health systems 
      This means:

      • Understanding the information and resource needs of patients and members to maintain a high quality website and e-resources
      • Exploiting, and expanding on, workforce data/models & clinical guidelines to support improved services and an outstanding workforce
      • Developing educational resources for the UK and Global markets
    • To be committed to leading ongoing quality improvement (QI) in patient care and outcomes 
      This means:

      • Developing a QI agenda and architecture
      • Becoming a leader in QI amongst specialties
      • Embedding and involving patients in QI activities
    • To be setting a collaborative and pioneering agenda and priorities in scientific and clinical research that will benefit patients and clinical practice nationally and internationally
      This means:

      • Defining research priorities and fostering collaborations
      • Supporting members to undertake and participate in more research
      • Engaging in nationally and internationally funded research calls

Developing the organisation

    • To be delivering high quality events and products to showcase the latest clinical practice and scientific research that will benefit patients 
      This means:

      • Innovating and developing in meetings and products to meet the needs of patients and members
      • Expanding the BSG's capacity to deliver more and better meetings
      • Maintaining a strategic and collaborative dialogue with industry and international organisations
    • To be supported by a proactive, insightful and committed set of officers and office team to deliver on a range of initiatives 
      This means:

      • Remaining sustainable and in good governance & operational health
      • Growing & developing to provide effective support initiatives and the delivery of strategic plans and projects
      • Developing team culture & ethos that supports innovation & value