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CRG – Endoscopy Nominations 2020

Clinical Research Group (CRG’s)

Clinical Research Groups (CRGs) have been formed covering Endoscopy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Food & Function, and Liver. Their aim is to increase the quality and quantity of clinical GI and liver research in the UK.

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There are 3 vacancies available within the CRG for Endoscopy. Where nominations have not exceeded the number of positions in any section, candidates will be elected unopposed without voting.

BSG members (excluding Taster members) are invited to elect their new representatives, and help shape the future of the Society. Please submit your nominations in the form below for consideration.

Election nominations will close at 5 pm on 1 December 2020. Results will be communicated the following week.

Please note: The form below is to nominate yourself for this position. You will need 2 active members of  The BSG to support your nomination for it to be considered.

If you’d like to nominate someone, please ask them to fill out this form, or contact the BSG office for support.