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Guidance on Fasting in Ramadan

Updated on: 14 Apr 2021   First published on 24 Apr 2020

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The BSG is pleased to signpost to this document produced by the British Islamic Medical Association as a guide to medical risks of fasting.

The BSG has not been involved in the production or review of this document but notes its section on risks of fasting for patients with significant Liver and Luminal disease and its conclusions that high risk patients should not fast on health grounds.

Read the full guidance here.


BIMA disclaimed

Whilst this work has been peer-reviewed, this work has not been through a formal consultation process; it should not replace individual clinical judgement and the sources cited should be checked and appraised. It does not form an authority or directive but should be used by individual healthcare practitioners to inform their practice in discussion with their patients and religious scholars. The views expressed represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of BIMA, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice. This will be an ongoing area of research and improvement. Suggestions, comments and clarification from peers are welcome: ramadanreview@britishima.org.

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