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Three new clinical trials – personalising treatment in pancreatic cancer

PRECISION-Panc is an ambitious programme of research that seeks to uncover the molecular profile of individual patients with pancreatic cancer, to learn more about the disease and to pave the way for patients entering clinical trials in a way that matches their tumour biology to the type of treatment.

Professor Andrew Biankin at the University of Glasgow is leading the PRECISION-Panc project. His team will set up three clinical trials, across two waves of research, with the scope to add more trials in the future. They will be focusing on defects in the DNA damage response (DDR) pathway, which are seen in approximately 20% of patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). In the first wave they will establish the best way to collect and analyse the molecular profile of tumour samples from patients with pancreatic cancer. Each patient will have five samples taken from their tumour for analysis at diagnosis. In the second wave of research, the team will apply this understanding to allocate patients to trials with different treatments, depending on the molecular nature of their tumour.

Further information is available from the PRECISION-Panc website