Trial name: Beta blockers Or Placebo for Primary Prophylaxis of oesophageal varices in cirrhosis (BOPPP). A triple blinded, multi-centre, clinical- and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial.


BOPPP is an NIHR HTA funded multi-centre trial to examine the efficacy using the non-selective beta-blocker Carvedilol as primary prophylaxis to prevent variceal haemorrhage in patients with cirrhosis and small oesophageal varices. It will be one of the largest ever portal hypertension trials in this group of patients, with 83 patient participants recruited to date (Feb 2020) of a total of 1,200. BOPPP is currently being run at 24 UK-wide sites, with a further 25 sites being invited to open to recruitment over the next 6 months. Please contact for further information.

Study design

Multi-centre, blinded, randomised controlled trial (RCT) of non-selective beta blockade (NSBB) vs placebo in patients with small oesophageal varices (OVs).


National Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment programme: £2.3 million.


Secondary and tertiary care centres with endoscopy and gastro-hepatology services – 50+ NHS hospital sites planned across the UK. We have opened 24 sites and are looking for further sites to work with.

Target population

Patients with cirrhosis and small OVs. Number of patients to be recruited: 1,200.

Key Contact

BOPPP Trial Manager: Joanne Leahy
Telephone: 020 3299 7142
Twitter: @boppptrial