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Programme Information

Why be a mentor?

Mentorship can be immensely satisfying for both mentor and mentee. It involves developing a relationship, based on trust, through which the mentor offers support, encourages professional development, and facilitates problem solving of mentee identified issues through discussion, empowering the mentee to maximise their potential. Benefits for the mentor include the satisfaction that comes from seeing others develop and meet their own goals, and the mutual learning on the journey.

All mentors will be provided with free mentor training facilitated by an experienced mentoring consultant with resultant CPD certification. Additional educational resources will be available on the BSG mentoring platform, a feature of the new scheme.

As a thank you for your commitment to the mentoring initiative, the BSG is pleased to offer a 25% discount to the 2023 BSG Annual Meeting for those who complete a 12-month period as a mentor.

How will it work?

The mentoring platform will host profiles of the mentors and mentees in the scheme. It will facilitate sophisticated matching, mentoring pair communication, document sharing, hosting of educational material and meetings via videochat.

The scheme will be formally launched at BSG Live in June.

Both during and after BSG Live, members will be invited to register their interest via the online form below.

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to their overlapping interests and aspirations. Pairs may choose to meet face to face or remotely. We encourage between 4 and 6 meetings a year.

We hope that the mentor/mentee relationships will run for a 12-month period.

Interested? Register your email below

If you are interested in being either a BSG Mentor or Mentee, simply submit your email in the relevant field below and you will be subsequently contacted with further details following BSG Live.


“I had the luck to be both a mentor and a mentee. I found the whole process extremely fulfilling and one of the best formative experiences I had as an adult. Being a mentor widened my horizons and promoted my own personal growth through the relationship with my mentee. I would recommend the programme to anyone.” – F.M

“I found mentoring hugely satisfying and stimulating, especially to be able to channel the ideas and creativity of a young mind into a realistic and achievable goal. The discussions were thoughtful and enjoyable, although sometimes could be stressful to temper enthusiasm with rationalism and realism. But overall, I enjoyed steering my mentee down an academic path to successfully get an Academic Training position and also complete a MSc. I was pleased that I could stimulate the mentee to consider a career in clinical and academic research, instead of a conventional training path.” – A.D

“I was delighted to participate in the BSG mentorship programme. The work experience of trainees can feel a little atomised. While training programmes fulfill the curriculum needs, there is a place for the more general discussions about career progression, about extra-mural activity, about aspects of inclusion and equity. Whilst the topics may be general, the chance to have a discussion specific to the mentee’s situation is often valuable.
From the mentor perspective, there is a chance for insight into of what the trainee doctors we work with daily are thinking and experiencing, outide of a direct supervisory relationship. Plus the chance to, in a small way, help bright young colleagues get the most out of their careers.” – A.E

“The BSG mentorship programme was a rewarding experience. The training was helpful, and being assigned a mentee and meeting them for the first time was exciting. We had interesting and helpful discussions in person, on the phone, and via email. it has been a joy seeing a junior colleague complete training, get a Consultant post (utilising the advice I had given), and settle into the rolel. Being a mentor assists a mentee in their career, it also allows you to reflect and take stock of your own career too. In summary; Joyful and rewarding.” – A.V

“I wish I had had a more formalised mentoring scheme both as a consultant and a registrar. I felt there was benefit for both the mentee, as confirmed on feedback, and the mentor. I really looked forward to each session and enjoyed watching my mentee grow and become clearer in their career path even over just one year. Highly rewarding experience and highly recommended.” – G.W

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