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BSG Event Endorsement

Thank you for your interest in having your event endorsed by the BSG. Applications for endorsement will be considered based on their scientific and educational merit.

If you’d like to submit your event for endorsement, please read the below information and complete our online form at the bottom.

For any queries about event endorsement, please contact the BSG Education Committee at education@bsg.org.uk.

Why have your event endorsed by the BSG?

  • Receive the BSG stamp of approval authenticating the scientific quality of your event
  • Event listing in our newsletter which is sent out twice a month to over 3,000 members
  • Dedicated email blast to two clinical interest sections of your choice
  • Social media promotion via our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels reaching a continuously growing target audience with over 12k followers on Twitter, over 4.5k on Facebook, and over 1k on LinkedIn
  • Event listing on our dedicated events page
  • Use of our “Endorsed by the BSG” logo on your own promotional materials


1. The meeting or resource must be consistent with the BSG mission statement:

    • To maintain and enhance high standards of patient care
    • To enhance the capacity of members to discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge to the benefit of patients with digestive disorders


2. Endorsed courses or meetings are those that the Society will badge officially as being relevant and important for its members:

    • Endorsed courses or meetings must be UK-based
    • The applicant responsible for the course or meeting content should be a BSG member of good standing
    • The applicant responsible for the course or meeting should have no pecuniary interest in the meeting
    • The content of the course or meeting should be determined predominantly by the applicant responsible for the meeting
    • Events should have educational benefits for BSG members, at the discretion of the BSG Education Committee
    • The content of the course or meeting must not have any restrictions or qualifying requirements imposed by any commercial sponsor
    • At a meeting with commercial sponsors, the BSG Declaration of Sponsorship slide must be shown at the beginning of every presentation
    • A course or meeting will not be considered for endorsement if it is scheduled to be held within 4 weeks either side of the BSG Annual Meeting. In addition, a course or meeting with live endoscopy will not be considered for endorsement if it is scheduled to be held within 6 weeks either side of BSG Endoscopy Live
    • For a repeat course or meeting, feedback from the previous course must demonstrate at least 80% positive feedback responses


BSG Code of Conduct for Symposia - Examples

  • This symposium is directly/indirectly sponsored by XXX
  • The sponsor has not directed inclusion of any content or required involvement of any presenter
  • No promotional material has been included in the presentation
  • The content of each presentation has not been vetted by the sponsor
  • The content represents the opinion solely of the presenter and is not an endorsement of any product
  • This symposium has been organised/directed by YYY
  • The organiser solely has selected the presenters
  • The content of each presentation has not been directed or vetted by the organiser
  • The content represents the opinion solely of the presenter
  • Unlicensed products may be included only in a historical or scientific context and this is not to be taken as a recommendation of their use
  • The presenter has/has not received an honorarium for this presentation
  • This presenter has the following declarations of relationship with industry
  • Personal payments/honoraria/fees
  • Research grants
  • Educational grants, travel grant, or fellowship
  • Equipment grant
  • Sponsorship of fellow within department
  • NONE


The BSG logos must be used in accordance with the following format guidelines: The “Endorsed by the BSG” logo should be placed at the foot of all promotional materials and must be smaller than your institution´s logo. The “Endorsed by the BSG” logo may also be used on electronic promotional materials and your website. Please ensure that the logo contains a hyperlink to the BSG website (https://www.bsg.org.uk/) where possible. Any publications using the “Endorsed by the BSG” logo must be reviewed by the BSG. Should certificates of attendance be provided to participants, the logo may be placed on them.

Application for Endorsement

To apply, please complete and submit the form below.

All applications for BSG Education Committee endorsement are to be submitted by BSG members.

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