I have served as a committee member on the IBD section committee and the small bowel section committee of the BSG. When it was suggested that I apply to become the IBD section chairman role, I was initially apprehensive about the commitment involved. I have indeed found that it has required a good amount of time and organisational skills to fill this role, whilst keeping up with busy clinical commitments. The gains have however more than compensated for this. I have found it a fascinating insight into the broader picture of inflammatory bowel disease across the UK. I have had opportunities to interact with a range of other professionals with  a commitment to IBD patients, (including patient support organisations, surgical societies, GPs, nursing groups) and have learnt a great deal about team working and collaboration, as well as negotiating skills, how to motivate others to get involved, and the importance of generating guidance and guidelines documents that support our membership in maintaining a high standard of work. Interacting with the BSG admin team has also been a great privilege, and I have felt very well supported at all times.


Dr Barney Hawthorne