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UK Barrett’s Oesophagus Registry (UKBOR) Prize

Updated on: 10 Jan 2022   First published on 20 Jan 2021

UK Barrett’s Oesophagus Registry (UKBOR) Prize is new for 2022, created to support further research into this important area of gastroenterology, and will recognise an up-and-coming researcher and provide them with expenses to allow them to travel to the Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) meeting in the USA with an appropriate medal or similar award to recognise their achievement.

The prize will be awarded annually at the BSG Annual Meeting, recognising the best presentation in the field of Barrett’s oesophagus by an early career researcher.

Award Background

The UK National Barrett’s Registry (UKBOR) is a database that contains information on many thousands of patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus, registered by Gastroenterologists throughout the UK. The Registry was established in 1996 as a joint initiative of the Oesophageal Section of the British Society of Gastroenterology and the European Cancer Prevention Organisation.

UKBOR has been enormously successful and has achieved an international reputation by virtue of the 36 studies it has performed, resulting in 56 presentations at national and international conferences and 42 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

What will the award comprise?

An expenses-paid trip to attend USA Digestive Diseases Week, including:

  • Transport to the DDW meeting in the US (economy class)
  • Fees for attending the DDW
  • Reasonably priced accommodation – usually that associated with the Conference, but agreed at the discretion of the BSG

This year’s winner will:

  • June 2022 –  BSG 2022 Annual Meeting Presentation by the Chair of the BSG Oesophageal Section and the BSG President of an engraved medal and a bound booklet containing a brief history of UKBOR and its supporting charity, BOUK and a list of UKBOR’s publications and presentations together with an abstract of each
  • May 2023 – attend DDW 2023 in the US
  • June 2023 – attend the BSG 2023 Annual Meeting to give a brief presentation at the BSG Annual Meeting following their attendance at DDW highlighting the most exciting presentations on Barrett’s at this world-class meeting


The Prize is primarily aimed at research into Barrett’s oesophagus, but that into closely related conditions will be considered.

The Prize will be open to applications from Trainees, including those in the first two years of consultancy and open to those on LTFT. The Prize will be open to clinicians and clinical scientists up to the level of Post Doc.

Applications will be scored independently by a panel of judges and will review the following:

  • The originality of work undertaken
  • Author’s contribution to the work
  • Contribution to the advancement of Barrett’s Oesophagus

How to apply

Please complete the application form here.

Below are the fields you’ll need to complete.

  • Name and contact information
  • Current Post Held
  • Outline of your work into Barrett’s Oesophagus research (500 words)

Applications will close on 7th February 2022. This award is reserved for BSG members.

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