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Hopkins Prize for Endoscopy

Updated on: 18 Nov 2021   First published on 20 Jan 2021

The Hopkins Endoscopy Prize is awarded at the annual meeting on the recommendation of the Endoscopy Committee. The prize is awarded for the best submission regarding a technical innovation in the field of endoscopy, a new method using existing endoscopic equipment, or contribution to endoscopy research.

Entrants need not be a member of the Society and previous applicants are welcome to apply. The successful recipient will be required to deliver a 30-minute lecture at the BSG Annual Meeting during the Endoscopy Session and will receive a framed certificate, as well as free registration for the conference and travel costs.

The next Hopkins Endoscopy Prize will be awarded at the 2022 annual meeting, applications will open in due course.

Year Winner
2021 Prof Matt Rutter
2019 Prof David Sanders
2018 Dr Siwan Thomas-Gibson
2017 Dr Mark McAlindon
2016 Dr Kofi Oppong
2015 Prof Colin Rees
2014 Prof Hugh Barr
2013 Prof Pradeep Bhandari
2012 Dr Reena Sidhu
2010 Dr Krish Ragunath
2008 Dr James East
2006 Dr Matt Rutter
2004 Dr DP Hurlstone
2002 Prof CP Swain
2001 Prof GD Bell
2000 Dr DF Martin
1998 Dr GD Bell
1998 Mr  JF Bladen
1996 Dr Brian P Saunders
1996 Dr CB Williams
1994 Dr C Choudan
1992 Dr CP Swain
1989 Dr DG Bell
1988 Dr Hugh Barr
1987 Dr TC Northfield
1983 Dr J Dawson
1982 Dr JDR Rose
1981 Dr HJ O’Connor
1981 Mrs J Rothwell

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